Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach by Skysan4298
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Added: 25/01/2014 - 04:01AM
Updated: 19/04/2014 - 05:03AM

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Last updated at 14:03, 19 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 13:01, 25 Jan 2014

Thank you for taking time to download and endorsing this mod. Also, thanks for your endorsing that made this to the top files.

I had the transparency and the light bending refraction on some icicle on my glass armor mod for fun, and many wanted it to try but it was buried in the download section and hard to find. This mod added the light refraction to the following:
1. Outdoor icicles such as the Windhelm roof icicle.
2. Cave and Labyrinthian icicles.
3. Frost Atronach and Ice Wraith.

=== Other Torch mods ===
The Ultimate HD Torch mod's main download is a texture replacer, so you can use that download with this mod. The UHT mod's HiRes optional download will cause that mod's torch to disappear when it is near this mod's icicle, so I modified my icicle mod's torch to have the same configuration like that mod's torch. This modified torch is on this mod's download page.

The New Thinner Torch mod author let me modify his torch to be compatible with this mod's icicle, and he is hosting that compatible torch on his mod page.

The Smoking Torches by mindflux had the free to use permission, so I patched that torch with this mod compatible fix. That mod's main download is required, and install this patch last.

=== ENB TemporalAA ===
The latest MAIN download section now has one for the ENB Temporal AA and another for those are not using ENB Temporal AA. The ENB Temporal AA has a few very tiny anomalies that you may not noticed until you zoomed in. This will allow you to enable the ENB Temporal AA feature without seeing icicles wildly flipping or twitching. I myself do not use the ENB Temporal AA when I use ENB because this AA feature lowered my Skyrim performance from over 60fps to lower than 30fps. This non-ENB Temporal AA option also is much cleaner and no anomalies you might see from the ENB Temporal AA compatible download option.
Why the sampling rate of a scene must be at least twice as high as fps

If you like this mod's transparency and the light refraction, please try my glass and stalhrim mods.