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Step 0. Edit the following lines in your SKyrimPrefs.ini:


Step 1. Download the latest binaries from Enbdev

Step 2. Open the "Wrapper" folder from the download

Step 3. Copy ONLY the d3d9.dll & enbhost from here.

Step 4. Paste the two copied files into your Main Skyrim Folder

Step 5. At this time, you can choose to download the ENB data files from my mod page files section.
These are optional but are recommended to fix certain little ENB lighting bugs here and there.

Step 6. Select and download only one of my preset options in the files section. Pick the option that suits your game. So if you have a lighting mod like RLO, select the RLO or ELFX preset and so on. Only select ONE!

Step 7. Open the "Main Skyrim Folder" included in my preset download

Step 8. Copy and Paste all of these files into your Main Skyrim Folder

Step 9. Among the files you copied is a file called " enblocal. "

Open it up as a txt file and find the section titled [Memory]

Step 10. 

Adjust the VideoMemorySizeMB= 

For 32 bit OS users with less than 8GB of RAM, use this formula [VRAM + SYSTEM RAM] - [2048]


For 64-bit, If you have 8GB RAM or more, use this formula [Total Available Graphics Memory] - [170] for Windows 7 users
For 64-bit, If you have 8GB RAM or more, use this formula [Total Available Graphics Memory] - [350] for Windows 8/10 users

To figure out your Total Available Graphics Memory, use quick guide that takes less than a minute.

  There is also an autodetect setting in here as well if you are really unsure how to do this, which is the easiest way but not recommended.
Check out the S.T.E.P. Wiki on ENBoost for more information.

Step 11. Run the default Skyrim Launcher and turn OFF Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering.

That's it! Run the game through the launcher of your choice and enjoy. I hope this guide helped people new to ENB. I have included an un-installation guide in the preset as well as a copy of these installation instructions. If you found any of this helpful, and or enjoy the preset, please feel free to comment, endorse or upload images to the mod page. Thanks for stopping by.

Realistic Water 2 with optional ENB textures by isoku
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water 2 by paganmetalfan
SkyFalls and SkyMills - Animated Distant Waterfalls and Windmills by SjoertJansen
Rainbows by isoku
Ewi's Rocks for ENB by Ewi65
aMidianBorn Whiterun and everything else by Cabal120
Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 by SparrowPrince
Distant Decal Fix by SparrowPrince
Lorkhans Vision - Night Sky v2 by Doubloonz
A Quality World Map by IcePenguin
Legends of Hope by IEG, my current favorite music overhaul.

-Jawz- for the atmosphere mesh

Amoebae for the lens dirt textures

Skyrimtuner for help with ENB questions

Wolfgrimdark for help with ENB questions and support

Mindflux aka Artem1s for the amazing ENB particle patch, a must have.

Matso "The Master" for allowing me to use his files and helping me with ENB questions

Boris Vorontsov pictured above for making ENBs possible

Lastly, Bethesda Game Studios for creating the perfect canvas for mods