Collect water from wells - RND Compatible by Thicketford
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Expanded Towns and Cities patch now available courtesy of simsim899

This mod adds activators to water wells around Skyrim that will give you a bottle of water.

  • If you do not have RND installed, use the Base version.
  • If you have RND installed, use the RND version.
  • The optional Dragonborn file only adds activators to the wells on Solstheim. If you want to use wells in Skyrim AND Solstheim you will need to install RND version + Dragonborn version.
Base Version - Using a well will give you a bottle of water. Water restores 15 stamina over 5 seconds and fortifies stamina by 10 points for 5 minutes.

RND Version - Use this version if you have Realistic Needs and Diseases installed. Using a well will fill your empty waterskins and bottles with spring water. Waterskins are filled first, then large bottles, then medium bottles, then small bottles.

RND - Open Cities Version - Use this version if you have Realistic Needs and Diseases and Open Cities installed. If you are switching to this version from a previously installed version, I would recommend uninstalling the previous version first. Move to an interior location, save your game, exit to desktop and uninstall your previous version. Install this version and load up the save game you created.

Wells are found in the following places...

Whiterun Market
Falkreath Barracks
Riften Market
Solitude Market
Ruined Toll, north of Ivarstead
Various Forts.

Place the .esp after Realistic Needs and Diseases in your load order.

Dragonborn RND Version

This is a standalone .esp that does not require the original mod. You must have the Dragonborn DLC and 'Realistic Needs and Diseases' installed for it to work. You can now collect water from the wells in Raven Rock and Skaal Village.

Now a part of Skyrim G.E.M.S. A huge thank you to everyone who downloaded, endorsed and commented.