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Simply adds crafting recipes for mead to be crafted in the Cooking Pots. That's it.

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I know there're plenty of mods which allow you to create Nord Mead but all of them are too complex, they usually add custom ingredients, foods/drinks and other nonsense or sometimes they simply don't work.

This mod adds recipes for Honey, Nord Mead and Mead with Juniper Berry to be crafted in every Cooking Pot throughout Skyrim.

Honningbrew Mead and Black-Briar Mead are not included with the "Standard" version because their recipes are "held in secret" (a bit of lore-friendliness here). Still, if you want to craft them go for the "Extended" version of this mod.

Dragon's Breath Mead was added with version 0.2 (suggested by KenshinRyuu) however it can only be crafted after you find it during the corresponding quest.

"Craftable Wine" is an optional file which allows you to collect water from wells and then use it to craft AleWine, Alto Wine and Spiced Wine (suggested by blkphoenix55 and MisterB1969). This mod is designed by Thicketford so all credits go to him, I only added the recipes. To install "Craftable Wine" first download Thicketford's mod here and then optional file from the FILES tab. 
This file does not require HearthFires.esm and can be used either standalone, or in conjunction with "Craftable Mead".

The recipes are:
  • 1x Honey - 2 Honeycomb;
  • 2x Nord Mead - 1 Jug of Milk, 2 Honey;
  • 2x Mead with Juniper Berry - 1 Jug of Milk, 2 Honey, 2 Juniper Berries;
  • 2x Dragon's Breath Mead - 1 Jug of Milk, 2 Honey, 2 Dragon's Tongue;

Following recipes are only available in "Extended" file:
  • 2x Honningbrew Mead - 1 Jug of Milk, 2 Honey, 1 Lavender, 1 Thistle Branch;
  • 2x Black-Briar Mead - 1 Jug of Milk, 2 Honey, 2 Briar Heart;

"Craftable Wine" adds:
  • 1x Ale - 1 Water, 3 Wheat, 2 Snowberries;
  • 1x Wine 1 Water, 3 Jazbay Grapes;
  • 1x Alto Wine - 1 Water, 3 Jazbay Grapes, 1 Wheat;
  • 1x Spiced Wine - 1 Water, 3 Jazbay Grapes, 1 Lavender, 1 Honeycomb;

Note that the recipes are not final and I'm open to suggestions which you can leave in the "Posts" section!

Installation and Requirements
This mod does not include custom meshes/textures, it doesn't add anything which is not already in the game (which is good in my opinion) so that makes it easy to install and conflict-free. It only contains one .esp plugin so you can simply disable it in your Mod Manager if you don't need this mod anymore.

IMPORTANT! "Craftable Mead" files require Hearthfires DLC to be installed, otherwise your game will crash! Optional "Craftable Wine" file requires original Thicketford's mod to be installed.

Recommended mods
This mod is quite small and might not satisfy some of you guys. I mostly made it for myself and uploaded it to Nexus to conveniently store if somewhere.

In my own mod-list I use Busy Bees mod which respawns content of Lakeview Manor's Apiary realistically frequently (quite lore friendly). It also comes with realistically frequent eggs from chickens, just so you know.

I also use Cow Milking mod to get those Jugs of Milk and use them in recipes. Both aforementioned modes work perfectly in conjunction with mine, making it complete, so both are recommended.

Can also suggest few retextures for 
mead, cow and chicken.