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Last updated at 2:12, 15 May 2013 Uploaded at 3:50, 16 Apr 2012

Thank you to all the fine folks who've downloaded, endorsed and left comments for me here; very much appreciated!


This mod adds a very large tent to the game which the fearless adventurer can pack up and take with them. It has been designed for ease of upgrade without loosing your gear and booty going forward.


  • The latest version of Skyrim.
  • SAT V1.8 REQUIRES Skyrim Version 1.6 or above!!


  • Lots of safe storage.
  • Weapon racks.
  • Shield racks.
  • Mannequins.
  • Map marker.
  • Full crafting facilities.
  • A master bedroom with lots of bookshelves.
  • Lots of room for your own clutter.
  • Switchable lighting.
  • Companion 'dormitory' area.
  • Fully NavMeshed for companions, with lots of idle markers to keep them occupied.
  • Curative and healing showers.
  • IMPS water source.
  • Usable anywhere, indoors or out, including the Blackreach.

Latest Version:


Upgrade Log:

1.7 - 1.8

  • Maintenance update; most of the additions were made in the General Stores Plugin, to bring it up to date with Harvey2112's additions to that lovely mod.
  • Added a puzzle pillar beside the door which, when activated, brings up a menu from which a player may opt to autosave or not autosave their game on entry to and exit from the tent.
  • Fixed the one weapon rack which was flakey as to how it stored the weapon.
  • removed the two miniature bookcases on the table in the master bedroom area.
  • reduced the number of followers checked to determine which ones should be moved into and out of the tent with the player from 20 to 15, the same number supported by UFO.


Before Updating:
1. In the console (player character outside tent, no followers in it, tent packed up),
type the following 3 commands, hitting enter after each one :

stopquest ADVTentQuest
stopquest ADVNPCMoverQuest
stopquest ADVMessageControllerQuest

(if you are currently running version 1.7, you'll have a stoptent.txt in the data folder which you
can invoke from the console by typing the following: bat stoptent and pressing Enter)

2. Close the console, save and exit the game.


3. Without disabling Skyrim Adventurer's Tent.esm or ADV HB-Style.esp, upgrade using Nexus
Mod Manager, or copy the entire contents of the .zip archive to your Skyrim\Data folder, choosing to
overwrite when prompted.

After Updating:
4. Start the game, load your last save, and open the console.
6. Type the following command and hit enter:

bat starttent

You should see three startquest commands corresponding to the stopquests you typed above.

7. Close the console and play the game.


Download, activate and play!


Extract the .zip file into your Skyrim folder. it will install 5 files; Skyrim Adventurer's Tent.esm, Skyrim Adventurer's Tent.bsa and ADV HB-Style.esp, stoptent.txt and stoptent.txt, and will not clutter up your data folder with loose files.


The tent is summoned with the Summon Tent spell, which is automatically added when you activate the mod and start the game. Find the spell under Conjuration. You can set up the tent anyplace within a 250 foot radius of where you're standing; just point your crosshair and cast the spell. It is recommended that you try to find a reasonably level piece of ground to set up on, or you may not be able to get through the opening.

Once the tent appears, just walk into it; your current follower(s) will follow you into the tent, provided they are not 'waiting'. Your map will be updated to show a map marker that you can use to travel back to the tent if you leave it set up and go walkabout.

To exit the tent, just walk into the door. To pack up the tent, just cast the spell again.

Known Issues:

  • None known at this time.

  • None known at this time.

Recommended for use with the tent:

  • General Stores - storage resource for packrats, by Harvey2112
  • Attractive and highly useful storage containers that allow access to everything you've stored in them from anyplace which provides activators for them. You'll need our ADV GeneralStoresPlugin from the downloads section to use them. Get this excellent mod here:
  • Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701
  • Some seriously cool work that allows you to put other items besides books on your shelves, and affects all the vanilla bookcases in the game. Items are put on the shelves by width, so you can often put more books on a shelf than is allowed by the vanilla scripts. BE SURE YOU READ da5id2701'S RELEASE NOTES! Get it here:
  • Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD
  • This works great to minimize the horrible flying mannequin behavior; SLuckyD did a great
    job with this. Get it here:
  • UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul), by fLokii
  • This is what I'm using for multiple followers in-game, and it works very well, indeed. Get it here:
  • Followers Can Relax, by KingCoin
  • This mod allows your followers to go into sandbox mode and use the idlemarkers in the tent. Otherwise, they'll just stand around and look dumb. You can get KingCoin's excellent mod here:


Many thanks to Dark0ne for his commitment and work building the fine sites and community that are the Nexus, BethSoft for yet another epic game, and last but not least, to the authors of TESVSnip, without which I'd have had to start from scratch more times than I can count.

Don't know how I could forget; Bond123, a veteran modder of wide repute hereabouts, provided the inspiration and did the initial testing! Thanks, Bond! :)