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Unlimited Bookshelves 2.0
(I wonder how many people nearly fainted when this update came up in their mod manager!)

After an email discussion with the original author, da5id2701, I've taken over the core hosting and maintenance of this mod on the nexus.

Information about the new hosting and updates is directly below, look for the Original Description if you want info on known issues or mod support etc, at least until I get the description looking a bit nicer which will happen sometime in the new few days. The changelog has appropriately been moved to the changes tab though if you are looking for it.

The newest version of the mod, version 2.0, has an updated esp that has the following edits:

- All ITMs and UDRs have been removed so that the mod is now clean. The mod is now also marked as an esm, while still having the esp extension, so that you can load it directly after the final unofficial patch in your load order (for most people this should be the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch). The the mod should be placed here so that its edits to various items to include object bounds don't interfere with any other mod based edits to those items you may have. I'll be submitting this info to LOOT as soon as I can figure out github unless someone beats me too it.

- The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is now a required master file. This is because the USKP fixes a lot of errors with the various items this mod has to edit in order to include object bounds (which stop the objects from clipping with each other) and also includes object bounds for a lot of other objects as well. I will not be maintaining a version without the USKP as a master as that actually limits the functionality of the new esp, and also is supporting unstable games for which troubleshooting will be limited. If you wish to have a non USKP version, edit it in tes5edit to remove the few references to USKP I included and be prepared for items clipping with each other a lot.

- Still looking for someone knowledgeable with scripting to help take a look at the source scripts (included in the download of the latest version) and detect any script based issues and help to fix any that may be there. Any script fixes can either be submitted to me to be uploaded here (with the author of the fixes being given editing permissions so they can maintain them), or posted to a new page, just let me know if you're going to do this.

- I'll be looking at fixing some of the vanilla object bounds that this mod still doesn't fix, and either including them in the main file (most likely), having them as an optional file or submitting them for review for inclusion in the USKP so that some of the objects that are still a little buggy with this mod (like enchanted armors not always displaying properly) will start working again. As far as mod added items go, like scrolls or books clipping, please contact those authors directly about properly including object bounds on their modded items.

The mod is also now considered open source.
While you still must notify me either here in the comments or via a private message and you must credit the original author, feel free to publish updates or edits to this mod in any way you wish. I will also be actively maintaining this page now so if people would prefer, I'm more then happy to publish any community made files on this page as well with the appropriate credits, just let me know!

Any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to direct them at the comments.



How would you like to actually be able to fill a shelf with books, or even other items? With the original script, you can only put up to 18 books on the largest shelves, which will only fill the shelf if the books are all the largest size. It's really annoying when you 'fill' a shelf with small books, and there are giant gaps between them.
So, I made my own bookshelf script, which places books based on their width rather than fixed positions. You can place as many books as will fit on the shelf. The result is identical if you use the largest books, 18 to a shelf, but you can put around 90 notes or bounty letters on a single shelf (if you ever get that many). You can now also place any other item on the shelf, not just books!
-The time it takes to update the items on the shelf is similar to the vanilla version, just a little slower. However, the more books you place, the longer it will take.
-You can always put up to 128 items in at a time, and when it goes to place them it will simply give back anything that didn't fit.

Know issues:
-If you load a save made before installing the mod that is inside a house, the bookshelves in that house will not work until you go outside and back in.

-Most enchanted apparel and some mod-added books/items register a width 0 and so will pile up (let me know which mods do this so I can contact the authors about fixing it). I may get some of the enchanted apparel fixed, but it's time consuming so don't count on it any time soon.
-There is no check for the size of items, so if you add items that are too big they will clip through the edges, and if they fall out entirely they will disappear the next time the shelf updates.
-The orientation for items is picked automatically. If something had an orientation that you don't like, let me know and I may be able to change it.
-Soul Gems and any other item with individual data (such as charge on enchanted weapons or stolen items) will lose that data. The item visible on the shelf will be a copy without the data (no soul filled, fully charged, not stolen), though the item in the container will still have it. So, for now just take soul gems out by opening the container, not grabbing the item on the shelf.

-If you have issues with a specific shelf not displaying books, getting stuck books that can't be removed, duplicating books, or whatever, try using the 'reset script' download. Instructions in the readme that comes with the file.

Use the mod manager or just extract the files into your skyrim folder. It's just 2 script files that go into Skyrim\Data\Scripts\ and a .esp that goes in Skyrim\Data.

This mod will be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the bookshelf container script. Mod added books are mostly compatible.
Some mod added books will get placed on top of/inside other books, let me know if you see this and I'll contact the creator of the other mod to fix it.
ALL bookshelves, including ones added by other mods, will be affected as long as they don't use their own, custom scripts.
-Dovahkiin hideout is compatible, except the unusual 'shelves' on the stool and the desk don't quite work as intended. Instead of the special placement, books on those just get placed in a straight line/stack.

-Books Books Books is now compatible (Note from Nazenn: Book Covers Lost Library should be used instead as it has more books, better compatibility and also more object bounds as well)
-Console Books is now compatible.
-Utopolysts Item Sorting has a patch for compatibility.

(Since I had to fix the bounds of a lot of items, those items will all be translated into English automatically. See the 'item fix list' file for instructions on translating it)
-Italian translation courtesy of Andre7890: Unlimited Bookshelves - Traduzione Italiana
-French translation courtesy of UchuNoSaru: Unlimited Bookshelves FRENCH
-German translation courtesy of Neakas: Unlimited Bookshelves - German Translation

*For modders (ignore this if you're not planning on making your own bookshelf mod):
-To create a new bookshelf mod that utilizes my script is very simple. Just rig it like the vanilla shelves, except instead of filling it with book markers, you only need one book marker at either end of the shelf, tagged with the keywords bookshelfbook01 and bookshelfbook02. It will still work if you fill it with book markers just like vanilla of course, but it will just ignore all but the first and last.