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Your tent is now warm!

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Frostfall has an update!
I would like to note that Frostall 2.6 is now available, and that it keeps you from getting colder when in the tent (and other homes).
It does not make the tent "warm".  You will not warm up unless standing in/near one of the already noted "hot spots", those being the cook fire, the smelter/forge and I think the "light" brazier by the shower.  The big fire provides no heat.  If you warm up, you will not get cold until you go back outside.  This makes my mod less useful than before, but is a huge and welcome addition to Frostfall.

If you use HerrBaron's wonderful SAT, and Frost Fall at the same time, have you ever wondered why you wake up colder than you went to bed? Shouldn't those fires, the forge and smelter keep your tent toasty warm? Toss the extra blankets off the bed! Now you can be warm!
Requires the Skyrim Adventurer's Tent of course.
Quite pointless if you don't use Frost Fall, obviously.
Should not require any DLC's, but I have them all, so I can't make promises.

Some of the lighting is a little different, and things won't get as dark if you turn out all the lights.
If you play in 3rd person view, your character may stop and crouch in the handwarming animation just inside the tent door.
Neither of these things bother me, because I don't do them. If this little patch gets noticed enough it's an issue, I'll see what I can do.