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Added: 22/03/2012 - 03:01PM
Updated: 18/07/2016 - 01:11AM

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This mod adds lighting spell "Facelight" make face look beautiful.
It is better effect in the dark and backlighting. Does not interfere with visibility. This effect is persistent, toggle turn on/off by using the facelight spell.

"Facelight Target" is attached to NPC(up to 10). I recommend to use only the follower.
"FaceLightDark" and "FacelightDark Target" is twice darker than the normal facelight.

How to get spells
Please buys spell-tome books from court mages(ex:Farengar Secret-Fire).
Or you like to use the console command.

Input following command in console:
help facelight

Then you get the FormID for the spell.

player.addspell xx001000
FaceLight Target:
player.addspell xx082554
FaceLight Dark:
player.addspell xx08358E
FaceLight Dark Target:
player.addspell xx083592

Trouble shooting
- It show facelight 10 message even though it does not reach the upper limit number of people.

Input following command in console:

ResetQuest aaaFaceLightQuest


StopQuest aaaFaceLightQuest
StartQuest aaaFaceLightQuest

Special Thanks
mod making thread anonymous

0.1 release
1.0 nexus release. Implement toggle turn on/off.
1.1 NPCs don't respond comment to the Facelight.
1.2 "Facelight Target" added.
1.3 Effect disappears when changed cell in Facelight Target bug fixed. The light source immobilized.Facelight to turn on/off automatically when use candlelight. Nif file size reduced.
1.5 The light to follow movement of the head.
1.51File incorrect fixed.
1.6 Brightness of facelight dark was almost same as brightness of facelight bug fixed.
1.7 Bug fixed:Face light target sometimes go off when attached NPC moves area.
1.7 Hide debug message(on load) without version change.
1.8 Set the maximum of light capable of displaying to 11. Set the maximum of facelight to 10.

Suggested mods. (for it to look like the screens)
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