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Update to 1.1

One simple little fix for my epic mistake with the two covered wells outside of Skingrad. Don't
know how it happened but the water statics were in place and the wells were not there.
Fix has been applied to both main file and the alternate Weynon Priory Alive version.


Added an optional replacer file that is compatible with Drahenne's "Weynon Priory Alive" mod and Nephenee13's patch for Weynon Priory Alive + UL Chorrol Hinterland. Use this file or the original, not both at the same time. Be sure to place above "0WeynonPrioryAlive.esp" in your load order.

Added a patch file for Better Cities. This allows the re-textured buildings from Regional Farms to show up when using Better Cities. The patch will work with either standard Better Cities or the Open Better Cities option. Will also work with Weynon Priory Alive and Nephenee's patch so long as you have installed the WPA compatible version of Regional Farms.

Load order instructions for each of these optional files are included in the download. However, all files have been added to the BOSS masterlist so BOSS will know exactly where to put them for you.

Did it ever bother you that no matter where you go in Cyrodiil all the farm houses look exactly the same? All built with the same type of stone and wood, all the same color and same design. Ditto for all the lower class slum homes and all the Inns.

While inside the city walls we find architecture that is unique to each individual region. Different wood,stone and glass windows in each city, different colors also. Well this mod was my attempt to implement some diversity in architecture for the poor working class slobs in the game.


Regional Farms and Inns replaces many of the bland vanilla Farmhouses and Inn buildings with re-textured versions that use regional materials. Retextures were done with 100% vanilla textures, some textures were tweaked slightly to get the desired look, but everything started life as standard game issue.

Now a Farmhouse or Inn near Cheydinhal will be built with glass, stone, and wood native to that region. I have also done stables, sheepfolds, and wells where they already existed. Wells have also had water added to them for a little touch of realism.

You will also notice that most farmhouses now have doors, shutters, and thatchroofs that (hopefully) fit the look for that area of the land. Chorrol thatchroofs are a dull bluish grey, Cheydinhal is a rich medium yellow, Skingrad a darker brown, Bravil and Leyawiin a faded greenish grey, while anything near the IC retains the vanilla colors.

The Grey Mare, Inn of Ill Omen, and Roxey Inn have been given unique looks that I thought fit their names, and/or locations. I was very careful to replace doors using the proper method so all vanilla quests should still work just as they were intended to. I have tested most of them with no problems.

Update: A few people have PMd me asking about a Visible When Distant add-on package. Guess I forgot to mention that all new structures already have visible when distant meshes. These were already included as part of the Resource Pack you were required to download. All you need to do is run a program such as Tes4LODGen to make them appear in your game.

Some of the Locations

Black Wateside Stable
Border Watch
Drunken Dragon Inn
Five Riders Stable
Grateful Pass Stable
Harluns Watch
Honditars House
Inn Of Ill Omen
Lord Rugdumphs Estate
Odiil Farm
Roxey Inn
The Grey Mare
Weynon Priory Lodge and Stable


No landscaping or pathgrid changes have been made whatsoever. Only the structures themselves have been replaced, but still remain in the exact locations they were originally in. I haven't added anything new at all. I purposely avoided some popular spots such as Weye, Brina Cross, Pells Gate, etc just to avoid conflicts. So only mods which physically move the existing structures or replace them entirely as I have done should conflict.

Just to be clear since I have already received questions and comments. This makes NO landscape changes, and adds NO new structures. It simply replaces existing structures with re-textured versions. It has been tested with all of the Unique Landscapes mods and there are no conflicts since UL doesn't touch any of the vanilla structures I have changed.

Only mods which directly alter the farmhouses and stables will conflict. Let me know if you find anything. Better Cities and Weynon Priory Alive have already been addressed via the optional files provided here.


Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3


1. Extract the file to a temporary location such as desktop
2. Place the .esp into your Oblivion Data directory either manually or
using the mod manager of your choice.


Bethesda for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope and Gimp developers for the tools that made this possible.
LHammonds for the readme generator
Drahenne for Weynon Priory Alive
Bananasplit, Ismelda, Vorians and others for Better Cities


Please do not upload this file to any other sites without my express consent. You must contact me for permission before using this in your own mod.