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OC3's Better Clocks
by OC3 (January 11, 2011)

Credits: -------------------
WillieSea and Always Z and all the rest from the original Clocks of Cyrodiil mod. Awsome work!
jackmix69 - Static Gear NIF
JDFan - Fixing active Gear NIF's, Deer Antler NIF, General Help
Phitt - Efficient starter clock script, Animated Pendulum NIF w/sound
MaRzY - Animated Gear Rods, IC Arcane University Plaza NIF
Xiamara - NIF help
mikejonesuk - Several good ideas during playtesting!

Adobe Photoshop

V2.2 fixes a large terrain tear in Bruma North of church but requires the bug fix esp replacer provided separately.

Version 2.1 fixes a displaced wall in the market district near the bookstore and improves the sun in the sky reference on the clocks that use it.

Version 2.0 Really does fix the Better Cities Master problem and the other problems that happened in 1.5 where some of the clocks were misplaced. (My fault, When working on the BC version, I accidentally saved some info into the vanilla file) Sorry about that. I have done some pretty extensive testing and all seems well. Versions 1.5 and 1.51 are corrupted and should not be used. Download them to a cd and burn/ crush/ or otherwise destroy them.

While fixing my screw up, I also took the time to make this version even better than the original. I've made a few visual tweaks here and there. Let's just say some things look a little bit more like they live there.

Version 1.51 attempted to fix my error where better cities was listed as a master as a result of 1.5. It did not work. It has been fixed in 2.0.

Version 1.5 fixes an defect in the original where my changes to the grandfather clocks did not come through in the package. My apologies to everyone. While fixing the error, I also made other significant improvements to all 4 grandfather clocks. The wood now looks more like polished stained wood. The extreme glare on some of the glass pains while using a torch is gone. It's now better than I originally intended! Issues from this version have been fixed in 2.0.
* All clock faces retextured to fit in a little better into the world. Most of the outdoor clocks don't look as pristine as the originals.
* All clock posts have received a pretty major overhaul on their normal maps with some tweaks to the color maps as well to give them a much more detailed appearance. The sculpted appearence comes from the normal map so it actually interacts with the lighting.
* Both sets of clock hands have been retextured and have an inlaid design of leaves along them.
* The clock faces from the arcane university and arboritum have been replaced. Although, if you prefer the old ones, they are included in a backup folder.
* "garoyle" shooter statues in the basement of the leyawin clock tower have been repositioned.
* A few of the clockposts were moved in order to prevent streaking of their surfaces due to tree shadows. Sorry if you don't like the new locations, but I think it's a good trade off.
* Arcane university glass floor above clock now appears more realistic and reflects some of the surroundins, i.e. trees and sky color.
* improved wood texture and color on grandfather clocks.
* Fixed a bug possibly due to me having an Nvidia card where the grease globs on the windows in one of the clock towers was not transparent.

Install to folder paths as they are in the archive.
Overwrite any files and folders that it asks for
Copy the esp file to the \Oblivion\data\ folder.

Enable the esp from the game menu. Play the game.

OR use Wrye Bash

*Important: If you have the original Clocks of Cyrodiil mod installed. You will need to fix any saved games in Wrye Bash that you wish to start from. There are probably better people than me on the net to explain how, but here goes:
1. Open Wrye Bash
2. click the saves tab.
3. Hilight the save game that you wish to fix.
4. On the right, find the clocks of cyrodiil in the list and click on it. If you get a warning box, click yes, I want to continue.
5. Now right click on the same clocks of cyrodiil. A drop down will pop up. Select disable. Then click save.
6. Sounds scary, but don't worry it will work fine.
7. After the mod is installed load the save game and play.

If you don't do this everything will appear fine except for the 3? clocks that I moved. Their hands will still be in their original locations. Fixing the save game fixes this problem.

Should be compatible with everything the original is. It will 'work' with better cities since the BC now has a patch for CLocks, However, some features of the clocks WILL NOT be as I intended. I plan on making a new version for the Full better cities very soon, and possibly a modular one for those that don't use the full BC(later).

None that I know of.

The original authors for one of the best mods ever and for inspiring me to be creative.
Adobe Photoshop

You may use my work in your mod, however, you must give me credit in the reasme file for any work that was mine, and WillieSea credit for the original design.

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