Ammo Counter Display Framework AMCDF by MRRadioactiv and Cheesyfof and stuart1502
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Last updated at 19:58, 20 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 19:04, 30 Mar 2015

Name : Ammo Counter Display Framework AMCDF
Author(s) : MRRadioactiv and Cheesyfof and stuart1502

This Mod is a Framework and a normal Gun Mod!
Please read the FAQ!

This mod requires:
The Mod Configuration Menu
Weapon Animation Replacer

My other Mods:
Griss Super V Vector
MRRadioactiv s Weapon Collection

release 1.51
Framework Features:
  • Ammo Counter - two flavors: current ammo "as percent" or as "numbers" (eg: AKEN)
  • Toggle-able Laser Beam - with "spread" effect (eg: V8)
  • Toggle-able Flashlight (eg: V8)
  • Every texture (path) is override-able (with a script) - you dont need to edit the Framework Script (eg EVA Rifle)

Mods Using AMCDF:

Halo Assault Rifle Port
Tactical Flamer Revamp (soon -with the next update - current it use an old version)

thx MCDofficial for this video! thx ncrvet for your video!

Q: What do this Mod?
A: This Mod add Ammo Counter Displays to the Wasteland. It is a Framework - it help Modders to add Displays to their own Guns.

Q: It is only a Resource? 
A: Yes and No - its a Resource for other Modders - but it is also a Mod for the whole Community.

Q: What Guns add this Mod - and where i can get them?
A: There are 4 Guns - the iconic Alien Rifle (M41A), AKEN - a Laser Rifle with an options menu (allow to change the color),
 v8 - the new "old" version - of my first uploaded gun - here on nexus, and an Alien Rifle - EVA~x0011334df (shotgun). There are two ways to get them.
 1) Play the Game - NPC Enemys, vendors use/sell them (be careful - the guns are very strong!) 
 2) take a look behind the Goodsprings Gas Station - there are a safe
 Important: NPCs/Vendors use/sell ONLY non Display Versions - use the Workbench to enable/disable the display (you need the misc item: MOD:Display Token). guns with display: "name [Display]"

Q: What Limitations have this Mod?
A: The Mod cost a small amount of fps - longer firing (you hold down the fire button until the clip is empty) cost more fps (if the clipsize is big >40). Guns with Displays only to use for the player. Important: the fps cost is only with a heavy modded game! Maybe it is not full compatible with all ENB Mods!

Q: How to install the Mod?
A: Look, like every other Mod.

Q: Can i help you?
A: Yeah, you can help me. Endorse my Mod [;)] - and vote for me - please, thx. If you are a Modder and you want to help me, write me a PM. 

Q: I have found same Bugs!
A: That is not good - What is the problem? Post a picture with the problem!  

Q: Could i upload this Mod with my own Mod?
A: No - add a link to this Mod. 

Q: I want to use your Framework - how?
A: Download the "AMCDF - Modding Tutorials" miscellaneous file.

Q: I need more help! (i want to use the "customscript" option!)
A: Write me a PM.

Q: I have an idea for a better script! - for new features!
A: Write me a PM.

Q: Could i make better/new textures - and upload it?
A: Yes - but send me a link to your Mod.

Q: Do i need the MyModwDisplay.esp?
A: NO - that is an example - for "how to use this Framework!"

Q: I get that: What is the Problem?
A: That is if the AMCDF quest ( s ) dont run, try to use a clean savegame (full reset of this mod), if that dont work try the MCM (disable/enable) Option, if that dont work write a post.

-Me (script, meshes, textures) = MrRadioactiv
-stuart1502 for script fixes and new features
-Texts, Uploads and more = Cheesyfof
-testing = cheesyfof, PyroDarknessPanda, stuart1502 ....
-Xilandro for the idea with getChar and the command "GetPlayerCurrentAmmoRounds"
-Pelinor for the MCM
-NVSE Team