Widescreen Loading Screens and Menu
A compilation of lore-friendly widescreen (16:9, 1920x1080) loading screens.
Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded v3
Disappointed by the Vanilla, unimpressive suite? You better give this a try!
- -
This is the new, third-party update of KospY's 'Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded Mod'. This mod incorporates a suite, with a panoramic view from the Lucky 38's tower. New features include a working VR Pod, Balcony and Radio System. You will neve
Nevada Outlaws - A fully voiced quest mod
This is Nevada Outlaws

This is a fully voiced quest mod that allows you to hunt down outlaws and fiends for a man named Timothy.
It is about a 30 minute quest with a lovely reward, keep in mind that all of the characters that talk, are voiced. Except for 1!

There are no known confli
- Hidden Bunker -
A Hidden Bunker has been left untouched beneath the unforgiving sands of the Mojave.
Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger
The Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger for Fallout: New Vegas!
thatmodteam - Mick and Ralphs Kid Crucified
"We have stuff we're not even supposed to sell people" Will be a thing of the past. This mod places the Mick and Ralph's kid lashed to a cross like the profligate he is...
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