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Ready Courier One

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Greeting Couriers! The time for talk has passed. A contest must be done. We have worked with TommInfinite to provide the prizes and promote a Fallout New Vegas contest they've put together. Enjoy!

Ready Courier One(RCO) is an online contest for fans of the Mojave wasteland where anyone can win the prize. Your knowledge of Fallout: New Vegas Lore will be tested with 26 riddles, answers for which you will find in-game.

Prize for the winner: 3 game keys from the Nexus Mods Donation Points Store.

Ready Courier One will have 3 stages:

January 15th - January 20th. This is where you install the plugin, answer the first set of questions and get your bearings on how the contest works.
January 21st - January 26th. A second set of more difficult questions becomes available.
January 27th - Until it's done. The third set of the most difficult riddles becomes available. Whoever answers first wins the prize.

You can join the game from any stage.

For more information on how to get started, see TommInfinite's mod page.


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  1. Happybara
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    Congratulations Kepii on winning the contest! Hope everyone had a good time.
  2. andreen45
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    Best of luck to all the couriers participating in Ready Courier One! May they navigate the challenges of the Watermelon Game Mojave wasteland with wit and wisdom to claim the coveted prizes provided by TommInfinite.
  3. EdmondNoir
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    This is legit a cool way to get people back into classic games and do something as a community. I really like this idea. Kuddos TommInfinite
    1. LdyBelial
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    2. UlNEX
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      Give me cause, profligate.
  4. C00per06
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    This looks and sounds really cool, but I have a question. If you have to download a Fallout New Vegas plugin for this contest and it plays an important role in it, what's stopping people from using something like XEdit to look at the plugin's contents and just find all the answers that way?

    Edit: Nevermind. I'm pretty sure the answers to this contest are stored in the server the plugin connects to. So unless someone manages to obtain the source code for said server, it should be pretty secure
  5. Milferino
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    1. S1nonim
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      Kid detected
    2. lowl
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      Just admit it, you jelly.
    3. IcemanSR
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      I am , jealous of not being kid any more.
    4. Dragten
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      That is a mood, IcemanSR
    5. waywardson07
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      I mean, I think we all are.
  9. Steamvikings
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    Not first