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Morrowind Mod of the Month (November 2016)

Chargen Revamped: Expanded Lands v2.95

by Texafornian
(Compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt 16.12, OpenMW 0.41+)

IMPORTANT: If you're running a lot of mods and/or playing on an older PC, you will probably experience a slight delay in starting a new game and then see some strange visuals just before the first editor prompt. Everything should work fine after that.

What is it?

A continuation and complete overhaul of Chargen Revamped, the classic "alternate start" mod, with support for Solstheim and Mainland Morrowind (Tamriel Rebuilt). Includes optional customization or randomization of starting attributes, skills, spells, items, companions, factions, and locations. Different versions are included for vanilla and TR. Skyrim: Home of the Nords & Province: Cyrodiil will be added to the scenario lists in Customized and Random beginnings when the mod teams release their first public versions.

Start your game in one of four ways:

Normal - The vanilla start in Seyda Neen onboard the Imperial Prison Ship.
Quick - Streamlines the vanilla start; also has options for similar "arrival" starts in Solstheim and Bal Oyra.
Customized - Customize everything about your character. CREL's main features are here.
Random - Potentially randomizes everything. You could end up with a "normal" character, or one who has been completely modified.

Which version do I choose?

Your recommended version depends on whether you have Tamriel Rebuilt v16.12 and/or Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince (STOTSP), both of which are highly recommended.  If you have neither, download #1.  If you only have STOTSP, download #2.  If you only have TR, download #3. If you have both, then you will also need to download "Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince" (ATOTSP) as it fixes Solstheim's location in relation to Mainland Morrowind then download #5.  If you don't want to install STOTSP, but still want to fix Solstheim's location in TR, download "Anthology Solstheim" and #4.

Click here for a visual explanation

Pick ONE of the following:

1) CREL_Vanilla_v2.95 requires only Tribunal (TB) and Bloodmoon (BM).

2) CREL_Vanilla_STOTSP_v2.95 requires TB, BM, and "wl_SolstheimOverhaul_v1" (STOTSP).

3) CREL_TR_v2.95 requires TB, BM, Tamriel_Data (separate download), TR_Mainland, and TR_Preview (both TR_ files from TR v16.12).

4) CREL_TR_AnthSol_v2.95 requires all of CREL_TR_v2.95 plus "Anthology Solstheim.esp".

5) CREL_TR_ATOTSP_v2.95 requires all of CREL_TR_v2.95 plus "wl_SolstheimOverhaul_v1" and "Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince.esp".
(This is my favorite CREL experience!)

Recommended for Tamriel Rebuilt users:
Playable NPC Classes
Tamriel Rebuilt Guilds Unified


These individuals have all made CREL what is it today:

Greatness7 (Twice identified and fixed major blockers)
Anonytroll (X and Y coordinate fixes for ATOTSP)
Serriya (Brought numerous issues to my attention)

Ragox (Scenario suggestions for Mainland Morrowind)
Pwin/Mitokondria (CharGen Revamped v2)
Eisenfaust (Patch for CharGen Revamped v1 and contributor to v2)
gman21 (CharGen Revamped v1)
Bluebit (Alternate Beginnings 2)
Evermoon (Alternate Beginnings)
Zerocyde (Character Maker)

Please see the readme here on Nexus or in your downloaded file for more info.