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Update 1.2 is out! I suggest everyone updates as soon as possible! Try to remove as much content as possible from the older versions you may have installed.

This is a completely finished mod, the beta testing was done back in August, but since then I've been too busy...
I promised I'd release this by Christmas, but I also promised it would have new rocks (with collision and a lower amount of faces on each, as well as new pure ice and pure snow rocks) and optimized trees, and even some new peaks to replace the fairly boring current ones. But I ran out of time. There will be another release soon into the future which will include all the previously mention goodies, but it'll be included in my Vvardenfell AND Solstheim overhaul, which is a long way off.
I'm thinking of calling it Solsthafell: Tomb of the Dwemer Tools of Ice and Fire.

Anyway, seeing as this incarnation of the mod is completed enjoy!

Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince
aka: Solstheim Overhaul
By Wollibeebee
Version 1.

Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince - previously know as Solstheim Overhaul, is a huge overhaul to the TES3: Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon. It focuses mostly on landscapes, graphics and bug fixes that do not affect gameplay. The goal of S:TOTSP is to bring the island of Solstheim and all that it contains to a new, more modern standard. This way, the mod plays nicely with most modern Morrowind mods.
Now the awkward hills of Solstheim are enabled as mountains and the dense forests no longer feel sloppy. The choas of floating items and in a few case, missing shoes has all been fixed. The blurry, aged textures and models of the original Bloodmoon expansion are all high-rez textures on par with the majority of most Morrowind graphical replacing mods.


Fort Frostmoth is now a small Imperial town contained within the fort, complete with public goods and wares to aid the player in their early days of the exploration.

Each and every region and it's exterior cell in Solstheim have been completely remade from the ground up. From the icy cliffs of the Moesrings Mountains which now force the player to bring a levitation potion or spell with them if they wish to traverse the terrain, to the unfriendly and heavily forest region of the Hirstaang Forest. All exterior landmarks vaguely remain in their pre-positioned locations. This way maps depicting the original expansion still allow you to find locations easily enough when using 3rd party maps and walkthroughs.

Thanks to the Skyrim: Home of the Nords team the region now has TES5: Skyrim like Nordic Barrows, adding a new type of location for older players to find and explore. There are currently no entrances or interiors for them.

Thanks to CGtextures and a few fellow Morrowind modders almost every single texture and many of the models from the Vanilla expansion have been completely redone. This excludes creatures, weapons and armor as I believe that those should be replaced separately by another mod, one that does not focus so heavily on the game world like this mod does.

Windows Glow has been completely integrated into this mod, with new textures by Hicks233. Be sure not to use any older versions of Windows Glow that affect Solstheim.

And of course, much, much more. But I'd rather not list each and every single bug fix or small change I've made to Solstheim (although Hirstaang Forest does now have a 5% chance of snow!)


Game Features:
Okida – Frostmoth Interiors/some Isinfier Plains exteriors, Yglir – Solstheim plant ingredients, Midgetalien – most the Solstheim bugs

Chainy – Hircine Statue, Papill6n – Solstheim terrain textures and various others, SGMonkey - Solstheim terrain textures, Vurt – Solstheim trees and Holly, Taddeus – rocks, Tarius - better meshes Geonox - icicles, Shannon – flora conversion, Slartibartfast - Solstheim terrain textures, Nebula1 - Solstheim terrain textures, NZdawghus – Thirsk tapestries, S:HOTN – Nordic forts and various textures, Hicks – Various textures, window textures, Alaisiagae – A few icons from her Icon Overhaul, pelts and hide replacer, Windows Glow team – basic windows glow setup and scripts.

If I have forgotton you or anyone else, please inform me as soon as possible.


First and foremost, you are absolutely welcome (and I even encourage) to make mods that require this one as a master file, to increase integration and compatibility between mods, and to change this mod for yourself without having to get permission from me to edit the wl_solstheimoverhaul.esm file, as I will not be giving anyone permission to make changes to the .esm.

Under no circumstances may you use anything from this mod for none-personal use without first contacting me. Even if I once told you that you can use “anything I make” at one point in time or another. It's not that I'm being cruel, it that a lot of this stuff comes from different authors, and I want to ensure their wishes over their assets are properly respected. And, because I don't want to sound like I'm blaming anyone for this harshness: I've put 3 entire years into this mod, that's the entire life-span of a 3 year older child. So, I do not want to see anyone using any of my work without my accruing permission first. I know, I sound like a bit of a jerk, but for now it is only fair.


Don't forget to backup everything (such as saves) up first! I will not reply to any help questions of they begin with “this ruined my game!” Because your game would not be now “ruined” had you not backed up.

Copy the WL_SolstheimOverhaul_V?.esm, meshes and textures into the data files folder in your morrowind directory. Then open the Morrowind launcher, head to "data files" and select the .esm.


Patches for The Neverhalls, Solstheim Castle and the White Wolf of Lokken will be available to download in the same places this file was.

Compatible with MSGO (Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul) if installed after and you uncheck the Bloodmoon specific Windows Glow mods.


Version Information:
First version out now.