Pearls Enhanced by Melchior Dahrk
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Added: 13/07/2014 - 12:33AM
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Mirroring some of my mods from PlanetElderScrolls

Makes pearl diving more exciting! By adding nine new varieties of pearls to find in your submarine travels! Now when you open up various Kollops you will find one of nine of these varieties or none at all. The varieties added are: Grand, Flawless, Bright, Common, Dull, Flawed, and Defective Pearls. Or there is also a chance you will find two rare types of pearls; Black Pearls and Pink Pearls sometimes show up as well. One of the coolest things is that all of the varieties are of varying sizes, worth, and weight as well. So for instance a Grand Pearl will be larger than a Flawed Pearl. So when you organize them on your shelves you will automatically have varied sizes to look at. Happy Diving!

Also, now all of the pearls have unique icons for every type! So you can tell what type you got just by looking at it. And there are also three new textures added as well, black and pink pearls have there own textures and then the rest of the textures use a new normal pearl texture made by Arkeyla.

Oh and this is not a replacer. The standard pearl is still found elsewhere. So it isn't quest breaking.

And I suggest you use a leveled list merger just in case. But the only leveled list altered in this mod is the random_pearl list.

Colored Pearls Add-On....
This add-on brings up the total new pearl count to 44! The new colored pearls are all done by Arkeyla, I simply applied her textures to the mesh and placed them in the leveled list. The new shades you can find are Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red. Each one of these new colors has the same varying qualities as the other pearls in the previous version, along with new icons for each color quality. I want to mention that these new colors are textured very subtly so even purists such as myself won't find them distracting. They are totally beautiful and fit to rest on anyone's treasure shelf.