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Like most Far Cry 3 mods, this is a patch mod, which means it must be re-installed every time there is a new patch released for the game (not frequently). I will try my best to make sure this mod is updated quickly after a new patch is released, so it is fully compatible with the new patch.
This mod currently includes patch: 1.05
I highly recommend you start a new game after installing this mod. Many features will not work properly in existing games, so you need to start a new game to fully experience this mod. You only need to start a new game the first time you install this mod; if you reinstall this mod after a game patch or mod update, you don't need to start over again.
This mod has been fully tested with all main story missions, all side missions, all deluxe edition content, and all optional side content in the game to ensure that all of them are completable with this mod and this mod doesn't cause any game crashes.
After installing this mod, go to the options menu and turn off wiki updates, collectible updates, tutorial updates, objective reminder and crafting tips.

Removed mission requirements for all skills. (Some skills still have secondary requirements to unlock.)
Unlocked wingsuit abilities after you complete the world map part of the tutorial.
Changed button to swtich grenade type to either G or >. Rolling the mouse wheel now scrolls through the weapons you have equipped.
Changed button to deploy wingsuit. Press and release jump button to jump as normal, or press and hold the jump button to jump and deploy the wingsuit.
While sprinting, double tap the melee button to continue sprinting while performing a melee attack.
Enemies do -50% damage on easy, -25% damage on normal, and match player damage on hard or very hard.
Removed minimap, replaced it with a compass.
Disabled tagging and removed ability to see enemies and animals through walls.
Removed auto-reload for all guns and removed reload reminder. (Watch your ammo!)
Increased height before recieving fall damage to be more realistic.
Increased how steep of a slope you can climb to be more realistic.
Added a small amount of XP for skinning animals and picking plants. (2 XP each)
Added XP for finding a memory card, since you get XP for finding other collectibles. (50 XP)
Reduced XP from radio towers. (325 XP)
Interact with objects by pressing the interaction button instead of holding it. (Keyboard only)
Increased spawn rates for all NPCs, animals and encounter events. (Does not change outposts or mission areas.)
New games now start you in Amanaki Village, with you waking up and talking to Dennis.
Unlocked Hoyt's island from game start.
Doubled the loot radius for all NPCs.
Faster animation for looting NPCs.
Removed enemy sniper lasers.
Reduced time flow by 20%.

New weapon: Type 10. (As powerful as a shotgun, tighter bullet spread, shorter effective range, one bullet clip.)
New weapon: Predator Bow. (Shoots arrows further and faster, does more damage. Includes unique skin.)
New weapon: Tribal Shiv. (A tribal-themed melee weapon.)
New weapon: Silver Dragon. (A replica of the sword you find during the game's story.)
New weapon: Inferno. (Bow, converts regular arrows into fire arrows.)
New weapon: Blitzkrieg. (Bow, converts regular arrows into explosive arrows.)
Four more new signature weapons added: Howitzer, Stinger, Spade, Annihilator.
The M700 Predator, renamed to just Predator, is now a signature weapon (with unique skin). Does extra damage to animals.
Signature weapons have one of three unique features: quick fire/reload, increased damage, or increased armor penetration.
Added muzzle brakes to Bull and Ripper, added marksman scope to Ripper, and added long-range scope to Predator.
Rebalanced all weapon stats, including enemy weapons (same stats as player weapons), mounted weapons and enemy helicopters.
Rebalanced all weapon attachment stats.
Illuminated scope is now "mid-range scope" and now has a zoom function similar to the default high-power scope.
High-power scope is now "long-range scope" and has an increased zoom distance.
Replaced descriptions for weapons and attachments with numerical stat values.
Picking up ammo from a dropped weapon will now give you a random amount of ammo for that weapon, up to a full clip, rather than a preset amount.
NPCs (enemies and allies) use a much larger variety of weapons, including several weapons that were previously player-only weapons.
Most NPCs (enemies and allies) now carry a secondary weapon. (Pistol or SMG.)
Shotguns have a much tighter spread so that you aren't shooting pretty much sideways with them. They are very powerful at close range!
Sniper rifles are now a big threat for both player and NPCs. They are powerful weapons and enemies can use them from further away now.
Added location-based damage for enemies and player. (Headshots kill enemies, torso shots are mediocre, leg shots do less damage.)
Added difficulty-based damage fall-off for enemies and player.
Movement speed is no longer slowed by shooting or aiming through your ironsight.
Removed limit on how many mines and C4 can be deployed at one time.

All syringe recipes unlocked from game start, except special syringes.
Removed enhanced perception and nature boy syringes since they serve no purpose now.
All gear upgrade crafting recipes rebalanced to make it more challenging and add more variety.
Increased wallet sizes to better match the new weapon prices. (New sizes: 2000, 4000, 7000, 10000, 20000.)
Increased all loot bag sizes. (New sizes: 24, 48, 72, 96, 120.)
Increased syringe kit sizes. (New sizes: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.)
Health syringes are now crafted with two green leaves, temp health syringes are crafted with two green leaves and two white leaves.
Hunting syringes are now crafted with two amber leaves.
Combat syringes are now crafted with two crimson leaves.
Exploration syringes are now crafted with two blue leaves
Special syringes are now crafted with two white leaves.
All syringes last for 60 seconds. (75 or 90 seconds after skill upgrades.)
Fire arrows are now crafted with crimson leaves instead of a molotov.
Explosive arrows are now crafted with amber leaves instead of a grenade.

The store's buy and sell prices are now different for each game difficulty. (-25% on easy, +25% on hard and master.)
Stores now sell animal repellent and endorphin boost syringes.
All weapons unlocked from game start, including signature weapons.
Removed free weapon unlocks from radio towers.
Updated weapon stats on the store's interface to properly match their new stats. Weapon stats are now more accurate as well.
Rebalanced the prices of all weapons to better match their power and usefulness.
Shops will now only charge you for the ammo that you need, not a preset minimum amount of ammo.
Rebalanced the values of animal skins to make hunting more worthwhile.
Added more attachments for several weapons and increased the maximum number of attachments for most weapons.
Changed the descriptions for attachments in the store to accurately show what effects they have on weapons.
Removed maps from shop since they serve no purpose now.
Decreased the cost of weapon paints to $20.

Removed all unnecessary HUD pop-up messages. (English only.)
Removed all interaction prompts. (English only.)
Removed the exclamation mark icon from the pause menu.
Removed blinking effect on lootable objects.
Enemies now wear green camo clothing instead of bright red shirts or yellow privateer suits.
Jason's default outfit is now green camo pants with a plain black shirt.
Jason's privateer suit is now brown camo pants with a green camo shirt.
Removed Citra's red body paint.
Removed some background textures to give several menus a cleaner look.
Added a new background and some new textures for the pause and shop menus for a cleaner look.
Cleaned up the weapon wheel interface and shop icons.
Removed mission objective icon and arrows. (Use waypoint if you need a guide.)
Added Khenaz's Better Sights mod, for improved scope sights.
Entire map is viewable from game start. (Radio towers still give XP and unlock supply drop missions.)
Removed Fog of War around enemy outposts from world map.
Removed collectible icons from the world map. (You have to find things yourself.)
Replaced most icons on the world map with cleaner-looking icons. Also added a cleaner-looking waypoint icon on compass.
Removed all in-game icons (mission starts, activities, etc), but they can still be found on the world map.
Removed the squares, icons and other un-needed things from the camera screen.
Removed all loading screen tips since many of them are no longer accurate. (English only.)
Changed the random words on the loading screens to verbs that relate to the game more.
Removed sounds: Grenade switch, crouch, loot pop-ups, level up, pause/loading/map humming, death stinger, XP gain, interaction prompts.

Includes everything from the regular version of the mod.
Increased XP required for each level.
Increased number of materials required for most crafting recipes.
Removed free weapon unlocks from dropped weapons.
Added attachments to several enemy weapons.
Enemies do full player damage on all difficulties.
Increased vehicle patrols and encounter events.
Amount of ammo in your gun's clip isn't shown on the HUD.
The world map only shows whether the each area has aggressive or timid animals.

Includes everything from the regular version of the mod.
Minimap enabled.
Tagging enabled.
Object blinking enabled.
Maps can be purchased from the shop.
Collectibles are shown on the world map.
Shop prices reduced on all difficulties.
Decreased number of materials required for most crafting recipes.
Enhanced perception and nature boy syringes are craftable.
Damage from enemies reduced: -60% on easy, -40% on medium, -20% on hard, -0% on master.

During the crafting section of the tutorial, you may not have the items needed to craft the items Dennis asks you to. As long as you attempt to craft something, he will move on to the next part of the tutorial.
If you keep an eye out for a third boar hide, second crimson leaf and an amber leaf during the tutorial with Dennis, you'll have all the materials needed for the first weapon holster upgrade as soon as you get to the two pigs near the first outpost you take over.
Since takedowns don't count as melee kills, you might find it hard to get the melee kills required for a certain skill upgrade. Try using melee attacks on enemies while they're in vehicles for some easy melee kills.
Make sure you turn off the optional pop-up messages from the options menu. This mod doesn't disable those ones since they can already be toggled off.

I appreciate all feedback and will consider all suggestions to help improve this mod as much as I can.