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Last updated at 13:17, 27 May 2017 Uploaded at 16:06, 19 May 2017

Ranged weapons were majorly bogus, so I made them totally gnarly.

This mod changes ranged combat in several ways with damage changes, recoil, explosives, player-to-npc damage consistency, new attachments, attachment alterations and more.
It alters hand-held weapons used by both players & npc's and weapons used by turrets & machines, as well as explosives.
Some weapons will be quite fearsome and explosives are deadly, duck and cover!


Note: I realized that in order for the flamer effect to look decent, you will need to raise your particle limit, to do so;
1. Go to "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4" and then open Fallout4Prefs.ini
2. Scroll down to [Particles]
3. Change iMaxDesired= to at least 5000, 10000 if you want to push it a little, or go beyond 10k if you're brave.
This will not affect your performance, but push the number too high and the engine may eat dirt during an intense firefight.

Features include:

-Damage alterations, some weapons have gotten big buffs while others have only gotten minor buffs, heavy weapons have recieved some much needed love
-Damage consistency, if a certain attack does 10 damage it will almost always do 10 damage by default regardless of source (player, turrets, robots, vertibirbs, etc)
-Caliber consistency, for example a .45 will do roughly the same damage regardless if fired from a pistol, rifle or sentry, there are a few exceptions for balancing sake
-Automatic receivers increase damage the same amount the non-automatic equivalent would
-New attachments for various weapons
-Alien Blaster fires slow-moving target seeking exploding projectiles to make it unique, to use target seeking simply aim down sights at something
-Limb dismemberment/explosion parameters altered, high caliber bullets can explode, lasers can dismember and low caliber do neither
.Vertibirbs fire explosive bullets from their front cannons, keep an eye on the sky
-.50 conversions reduce speed and ammo capacity, but will dish out juicy damage
-.38 & .308 conversions deal roughly the same damage as a slightly upgraded gun of the same caliber
-.38 conversions only require Gun Nut 2, it's not a very good sidegrade after all
-Recoil is stronger for all guns, some more than others, energy weapons have vanilla recoil, in general automatic weapons will be more difficult to control and powerful weapons will give you a nasty kick
-Reloading is a bit slower for most guns
-Flamers now shoot long-reaching streams with gravity, fun and somewhat realistic!
-Double Barrel Shotguns have increased range and more damage at a distance, and the long barrel has much smaller spread and increased range. Good hunting.
-Bayonets, compensators & other such muzzle attachments have no range penalty, so use whatever you want
-Lightweight upgrades have no damage penalties and reduce weight by 50%(was 25%), may be useful early-game if you play with limited carryweight
-Supressors inflict a damage penalty
-Assaultron Head does not inflict any radiation damage to the player, what a weird feature
-Revolvers are a bit faster
-Gamma Gun deals much increased rad damage and explodes in a medium radius on impact but only has 3 shots by default and fires much slower
-Damage buffing perks give 10% damage per rank & unlock every 10 levels [optional]
-Caltrops are thrown further, do more damage, throw more per attack and the poison variety deals DoT for 60 seconds
-Bear Traps deal massively increased damage and stagger, also weighs much less
-The values of ranged weapons have been tweaked to represent their power & rarity, a minigun will cost you a pretty penny while a pipe gun will be practically free, and unique weapons like the alien blaster are worth a lot more
-Assault Rifle is now a .308 rifle by default, making it a higher end assault/sniper rifle (I don't recommend full auto, best used as a semi auto sniper rifle)
-Combat Rifle is now a 5.56 rifle by default, making it a lower end assault rifle
-Craftable flamer ammo at chem stations, found under Utility
-Various other changes

Explosive features include:
-Frag Grenades & Mines have increased radius & both deal the exact same increased damage
-Car nukes have increased radius & do more damage
-Missiles fly much faster & have some trajectory drop now
-Missiles do more damage but have a smaller radius, they're anti-armor weapons after all
-Nuka Grenades have increased radius & increased damage
-Fat Man explosions have massive radius & increased damage, use with extreme caution!
-Molotovs induce fear for a short duration (please give me feedback on this feature whether it's too strong or not)
-Molotovs have slightly smaller radius, deal very little impact damage and burns targets more intensely
-Bottlecap Mine has increased damage
-Baseball Grenade does the same damage as a Frag Grenade but has a much smaller radius
-Plasma Grenade has slighty decreased radius
-Pulse Grenades now knock targets down making it a tactical grenade, damage remains vanilla
-Environmental explosions (gas tanks, oxygen tanks & vehicle initial explosion) have increased radius, damage & stagger
-Craftable MIRV grenades at chem stations, found under Grenades
-Various explosion sources cause increased stagger

Feel free to give feedback on any weapons or modifications I could improve, balancing or general ideas.

---[Other Unbogus Modules]--- (will add more)
- Melee
- Health Scaling

---[Highly recommended mods]---

- Start Me Up to quickly get into a fresh character
- Arbitration for better combat AI & harder stealth
- Critcal Hits Outside VATS for if you don't really use VATS like myself
- Bullet Time for the same as above, combine it with FO4 Hotkeys and you're golden
- Rebalancer (outdated but still mostly functional) for various changes like XP sources, limb regen speed, carry weight, fall damage etc
- Slow Healing on All Difficulties for much slower healing on any difficulty, very recommended
- Better Power Armor for making power armor a force to be reckoned with, I personally don't use power armor but it's very cool to face power armor npcs with this mod
- Loot Logic & Reduction for much better loot and less ammo & meds, if you want something very drastic instead check out Loot Overhaul
- Better Low Health for more intense combat situations & awareness
- Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance for tailoring the difficulty to your liking, I personally like 0.5/0.75 dealt and 2.0 recieved
- Intense Realistic Gun Sounds for a much better schüt experience
- Commonwealth Warfare Explosions for much better EXPLOSIONS
- Legendary Modifier Rebalance for more interesting and generally better balanced legendary effects