Unbogus Health Scaling by Ethical Lune
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Added: 19/05/2017 - 04:20PM
Updated: 20/07/2017 - 01:47PM

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Last updated at 13:47, 20 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 16:20, 19 May 2017

Health scaling was majorly bogus, so I made it totally gnarly.

This mod is quite simple, so let's get right to it;
Base health is now 100 instead of 80
Health per Endurance point invested is 20 instead of 5
No bonus health from leveling up, player or npc
No additional invisible bonus from endurance & player level

Do note that these mods are intended to be played with all the other Unbogus modules, they will work on their own 100% fine
but I can't guarantee balance if you use just one without the other.

Note: This mod is intended to be played with the Unbogus Health Ranges & More module, but it will still work on it's own.

This means that the only spongy enemies will be the ones who have high base HP & DR, everything else will remain the same regardless of your level.
It also means you will have to invest into endurance & endurance skills if you want to be spongy yourself.

It will work on existing saves, all you need to do is update your Endurance by wearing something with endurance or use drugs or whatever, however any npc's that have already spawned will not be affected but when cells reset or if you simply go somewhere new it will work.

---[Other Unbogus Modules]---

- Ranged
- Melee

Health Ranges & More
- Lunchboxes
- Perks *also contains various misc changes

---[Highly recommended mods]---

- Start Me Up to quickly get into a fresh character
- Arbitration for better combat AI & harder stealth
- Critcal Hits Outside VATS for if you don't really use VATS like myself
- Bullet Time for the same as above, combine it with FO4 Hotkeys and you're golden
- Rebalancer (outdated but still mostly functional) for various changes like XP sources, limb regen speed, carry weight, fall damage etc
- Slow Healing on All Difficulties for much slower healing on any difficulty, very recommended
- Loot Logic & Reduction for much better loot and less ammo & meds, if you want something very drastic instead check out Loot Overhaul
- Better Low Health for more intense combat situations & awareness, 35% version recommended
- Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance for tailoring the difficulty to your liking, I personally like 0.5 dealt and 2.0 recieved
- Intense Realistic Gun Sounds for a much better schüt experience
- Commonwealth Warfare Explosions for much better EXPLOSIONS
- Legendary Modifier Rebalance for more interesting and generally better balanced legendary effects