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This is my attempt to change NPCS in Fallout 3. I have redesigned their facial structure to give them a more natural appearance, as well as to preserve their character as well. It removes some of the awkward skin tones, and facial structures of the Vanilla versions.

This mod isn't the most user-friendly mod out there. And I know this. It requires that the downloader have a good understanding of either Fallout 3 GECK, F03Edit or Garybash.

If you are new to modding Fallout 3 mods, please click on this text for a great tutorial on installing mods.

If you don't have a good understanding of F03 Edit, GECK, or Garybash, you will run into a lot of conflicts and crashes. It's something that can't be helped as it's the way the Fallout 3 engine is set up. In other words, when I change a face for a character, it will clash with other mods that also change that character. The problem is that I literally redesigned the ENTIRE world of Fallout 3...so this will crash with other popular mods.

That being said, here is what is required.

Please click on the link to download Archive Invalidated.

Archive Invalidated is needed in order for Fallout 3 Redesigned to work properly. It fixes the "Albino" skin issue. Please read this before posting issues about black skin and white skin problems.


This mod is for your own personal use only. You may not redistribute any of the contents in this package, or re release any of the contents, without my permission, or in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson, "I will strike down upon thee with great anger and furious vengeance." You may however edit it to your pleasing, so as long as you don't re-release without my permission. By downloading this file you agree to these terms.

What exactly does this mod change?

Rather than listing every NPC that was changed, you will need to take my word that nearly 500 NPCs have been redesigned in Fallout 3. Everything from children, Talon Mercs, women, men, Raiders, named NPCs, the random straggler walking on the side of the road, etc.

I am an avid fan of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and this has helped me in making the characters fit the lore of Fallout 3. I also have had experience in the past with character design and with portrait drawing and this has helped me a tad with figuring out the right proportions for characters in Fallout 3.

My general rule of thumb:

If there was a face that had to be fixed, I saw it. And I tried my best to fix it. I may not have succeeded but I saw it and I tried to fix it.


1. Download and install Archive Invalidation
2. Choose either the HD version or the standard version.
3. Download whichever version you chose.
4. Extract them to your /Fallout 3/Data/ folder.
5. Activate Project Beauty.esm and any other plugins you wish to use.

This mod will conflict with almost any mod that edits NPCs.
If you try to use Redesigned along with another mod that edits NPCs, you will either miss Redesigned's faces or the other mod's changes.
Because Redesigned is cosmetic and doesn't impact gameplay, it is suggested that you put the plugins relatively early in your load order. This is so that in the event of a conflict, Redesigned will be overridden and won't interfere with your gameplay affecting mods.

The best solution is using Garybash to create a bashed patch. The "Import Faces" function will resolve any mod conflicts with Redesigned. Use the "Races" function as well for the HD version.

Patches have been made for the following popular mods:
MMM RC6 - Patch included in main download
FWE MR5 - Patch available from the Fallout Interoperability Program
FOOK2 1.2 - Patch is available in the "Optional" section of the Files tab.


If you have suggestions to improve upon some of the character designs, please let me know and I can make changes in the next version.

1. Is this mod just a "Barbie-doll" or "celebrity" mod that makes everyone in the world look like super models?


The title of the mod is very deceiving. I tried to be creative with the title but it backfired. But yeah, this is a bit different from your average pretty mod.

2. I'm getting pink eyes or I'm getting pink eyelashes!

Purple eyes/purple tongue/purple eyelashes means you are missing textures. It is one of three reasons.

a) You have a different copy of Fallout 3 (Steam Version) or you have a different copy of Windows.

If you link the textures to the right folder it will work.

Try making a duplicate folder (for testing purposes) at this EXACT folder location and copy the associated textures:

Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\Textures

That way, GECK will link to it.

b) You have another mod that is using eyelashes and that may be causing a conflict. Try temporarily running PB by itself and see what mod is causing the conflict.

c) Archive Invalidated isn't working correctly. Sometimes unchecking it and then checking it will fix the problem.

3. Ok, I've downloaded everything. I installed everything correctly, but I'm getting characters with white faces but black skin.

Verify that you downloaded ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated. That should fix the problem.

Watch this youtube video made by some guy...

4. Will this work with body mods?

This will work with most body mods. This is because this is a face mod. It should work with Dimonized Type 3, Malos, Type V, etc. But it will not work with other face mods. For example, Josef Grey's makeup textures or Dimonized faces.

5. The game crashes before I even get to the main menu!

That's a missing master error. Either:
a) You're using pre-2.70 plugins. Please delete all Project Beauty plugins, then install the latest version.

b) You're using a PB patch you don't need. Uncheck "Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty.esp" if you don't use Mart's Mutant Mod. It's common sense >.>

6. My male body repacler doesn't work now that I've installed the HD resources
Please re-install your body mod after the HD resources. That should solve your problem.

7. Any other questions.....

Post in the comments section or send me or SpaceOden a PM.

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