Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

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A port of the Expanded Moveset mod from Yakuza Kiwami 2

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to combine the strength of all of Kiryu's previous style into one, which I think is what they should've done with 6 when they decided to get rid of the style system. 21 new inputs were added to add variety to the combat. These range from directional modifiers for throws and strikes, counter stances, contextual grabs, and other moves taken from previous games in the series. Also made some small tweaks, such as restoring extreme heat to how it worked in Yakuza 6, or allowing grab light attacks to combo into finishers. Most of his base moves have been untouched, save for quickstep and running attacks.

Made using the following tools:
HeartlessSeph's fighter_commander https://github.com/HeartlessSeph/FighterCommander/releases
CapitanRetraso's reARMP https://github.com/HeartlessSeph/FighterCommander/releases
SutandoTsukai181's gmt converter


The latest version requires the use of the Ryu Mod Manager. it allows usage without having to directly replace the files or download heavy .par files.

Ryu Mod Manager Installation:
1) Get the latest version of the Ryu Mod Manager (https://github.com/SutandoTsukai181/RyuModManager/releases/tag/v1.1) and follow the install instructions (just copy paste really, very user friendly)
2) Unpack the zip file in the mod folder located in the install directory (you need to crrate it if you haven't already)
3) Add the name of the mod (same as the folder) to ModLoadOrder.txt
4) Execute RyuModManagerCLI.exe in order to add the files to the mod manager

Old Version installation:
1) Copy "motion.par" to "\Yakuza 6\data"
And that's it really, all the other files are already in the par file for Yakuza 6

Differences from the original

Some things like the left/right weave, yagami leapfrog, and the square charge attack couldn't be ported. Also added a quickstep light combo and extreme heat back throw variation. Features from Kiwami 2 that weren't originally present in 6 like the rear grab reversal, guard reversal, and taunts have been restored.

*Important: Some moves are tied to upgrades. For instance, the circle counter is tie to the tiger drop, the running grab is tied to the run attacks, etc.

MOVE LIST (New moves only)

R1+→□ Jab> □ Rear Bodyblow> □ Lead Knifehand> □ Reverse Punch> △ Step Backfist> ◯ Powerbomb
                                                                                      > △ Rear Uppercut> ◯ Powerbomb
                                                     > △ Kneeling Punch> ◯ Backbreaker
                     > △ Overhead hammer strike> ◯ Leg Smash
R1+←□ Cross> □ Lead Roundhouse> □ Rear Front Kick> △ Jumping Double Front Kick
                                                             > △ Rear Axe Kick
                        > △ Jumping Knee
△+◯ Mount to ground and pound> □/△/◯  End grab
R1+◯   (When enemy attacks) Armpit-lock> ◯ Akido throw
                                                                          > △ Spin Heel Kick
                                                                          > □ Arm Break
(While Running Towards Enemy) Leapfrog> ◯ Tomoe Nage
                                                                        > △ Spin Axe Kick
                                                                        > □ Spin Backfist
⃝ (While Running) Meteor Tackle> ⃝ Throw
                                                         > △ Slam
                                                         > (Near Certain Walls) Wall Smash
⃝ (During Forward Quickstep) Suplex (front and back variations)
□ (During Left/Right Quickstep) Hopping Side Kick> □ Round Kick> □ Hook Kick> △ Full Rear Roundhouse
⃝ (Near a Fallen Enemy's legs) Leg Grab> ⃝ Leg Smash
                                                                     > △ Kick
⃝ (Near a Fallen Enemy's Head) Shoulder Lift> ◯ Suplex (front and back variations)
L1 Block> △ (After Blocking an Attack) Komaki Parry> △ Kidney Shot
               > ◯ (After Blocking an Attack) Bearhug
L1+□ Ryoma's Punch Flurry (Repeatable)
L1+△ Punch Flurry> ◯ (On Hit) Head Slam
                                > △ Knee Strike
> □ Rear Punch
L1+→△ Beast Charge> ◯ (On Hit) Bearhug
L1+◯ Counter Stance> (When enemy attacks while unarmed) Kenzan Aikido Throw
                                      > (When enemy attacks with a weapon) Kenzan Aikido Throw 2
L1+X Rush Weaving Evades (Left and Right don't work in 6)> △ Follow-up punch
                                                                                                      >  □ (Back weave only)> △ Follow-up punch
Front Grab> ◯ Brawler throw
                  > ←◯ Unused shoulder throw
                  > ↓  Akiyama's Sync Taunt
Rear Grab> ◯ Brawler throw
                 > ←◯ Unused Back throw
                 > △ Brawler Push Kick
R1+D-pad↓  Normal taunt
(Hold) D-pad↓ Charged Taunt Stance
D-pad↓ Yagami Taunt
(Enemy down) D-pad↓ Akiyama Squat Taunt

Ex Heat Only

(Hold) △ Punch Flurry (with Heat Action)
Rear Grab> ←◯ Shoulder Throw to Somersault Drop
(EX Heat) R1+D-pad↓  Brawler Taunt
(EX Heat) D-pad↓ Knuckle Crack
(EX Heat) (Enemy down) D-pad↓ Disco Dance