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This mod changes the navpath in Cold Star's Natural Expansion sector so ships flying to the Toride gate don't end up next to a Xenon base. It also removes all the navpaths in the Toride sector, which normally keeps ships inside the stone pathways. The latter feature is easily removed if you don't want it.

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In the vanilla game with Home of Light DLC, sending a trade ship from Cold Star to Toride or OL will often destroy the ship.  When it heads off to the gate to Toride in Natural Expansion, it will overshoot the gate and find itself in Xenon territory with a radiation zone between it and the Toride gate!  It turns out there's a pretty easy fix - make the path bend around the gate and capital ships headed to Toride will leave the path instead of flying to the end.  This fix lets the Xenon still make their suicide runs against the stations in the south west corner of the map without getting fried by the radiation zones.

I also removed all the navpaths in Toride.  They don't seem to serve any purpose there and cause your trade ships to take longer routes than needed - though at least they aren't deadly.  The same can't be said about sending captured M and S class ships home if you've gone past a Xenon base.  The route is quite pretty, though, so you might like to take a ride on a capital ship through Toride just to see it before applying this mod.

If you like, it's easy to keep the Toride navpaths by modding my mod.  There are a bunch of lines in targetpoints.xml that start with "<remove" - just delete those and save.  (Or you can comment them out if you know your way around an XML file.)

Obviously, this mod requires the Home of Light DLC.  Discussion (mostly me trying to figure out what the Hades I'm doing) can be found on the Egosoft forums at: https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=399170