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  1. Assuredd
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    Can anyone please tell me where to place the mod file?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. SweetDaggerfall1
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    Using it perfectly in GOG's 4.30 version with these added mods:

    Neulawolf's Yisha model (plus Yisha Technician body mod)
    XR_Planets and XR_Nebulas graphics improvers

    Thanks for a really useful mod.
  3. LeanHag
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    Works fine in 4.30!
  4. Magneto555
    • member
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    Working fine in 4.10. Thanks.
  5. SpaceMinion
    • member
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    A most have mod, Thanks mate
    It works on the 3.5
  6. stormmage
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    Working as of 2.2
    Also now on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265986059
  7. Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger
    • member
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    Der Mod ist Serhr Gut. - Show Skills v1 -
    Mein Test Mit, X Rebirth v2.10. alles ok, keine Fehler.

  8. kinetic86
    • supporter
    • 45 posts
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    Thank you !

    Note: No problem with 2.0
  9. Paddyy86
    • member
    • 217 posts
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    Not sure why, but the mod doesn't work with my 1.15 version of the game. Maybe it's because I installed it after I started the game or another extension conflicts with it.

    Checked my save file:

    <save name="#010" date="1385864443"/>
    <game version="115" build="178980:178995M" time="29426.946" start="ep1"/>
    <player name="Ren Otani" location="{20005,13}" money="21253"/>
    <patch extension="ButterRanges" version="1" name="ButterRanges"/>
    <patch extension="combat-system-extension" name="Combat System Extension"/>
    <patch extension="MoreReducedMasstraffic" name="Mehr Reduzierter Masstraffic"/>
    <patch extension="1.0" version="20" name="better_highway_alphas"/>
    <patch extension="NoFog" name="Kein Nebel"/>
    <patch extension="0.1" version="10" name="FED young females"/>
    <patch version="115"/>
    <patch extension="bettercockpitcropped" name="Better Cockpit - 16/10"/>
    <patch extension="koronus_RemoveBoardingCutscene" version="1" name="Boarding Cutscene entfernen"/>
    <patch extension="warning-system-extension" version="1" name="Warning System Extension"/>
    <patch extension="3241.hcvfx" version="1" name="Highway Clear VFX"/>
    <patch extension="Nifter" version="110" name="Realistic Highways"/>
    <patch extension="smart_miner" version="4" name="Smart Miner"/>
    <patch extension="S01" name="Halts Maul!"/>

    Should your mod be in that list?
    1. stormmage
      • member
      • 57 posts
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      The mod doesn't add itself to the save file. The mod was working for me fine in 1.18 so maybe you need to update? I haven't tested it past 1.18 since I haven't been playing. Decided to wait for more patches and the modding tools to come out.
  10. Romz
    • member
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    Maybe it would be better if they showed their skills for money?
    1. Crazy.Celt
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      In my opinion, being unemployed, prospective crewmen would want to supply you with their information, rather than force you to extract / trade for it.

      As a Captain looking to hire crew, you should naturally be able to inquire about their stats... the time spent exploring stations while hunting for the right people should be investment enough.

      The conversation mini-game should reward you in some other way; maybe instead of revealing skills, finding a 'diamond in the rough' the hard way should bump up a referred person's stats some, or perhaps reduce their hiring cost (since it's their friend putting you in touch with them).

      This mod would save a *lot* of time waiting for conversation opportunities, reloading a bunch ('hey, I didn't want that discount... show me a skilled Defense Officer!', etc), and greatly lower the temptation to just hire someone at random and modify their skillset in the save file. :]

      Seems like a handy workaround for an aspect of the game which should've worked this way already, thanks!
    2. Romz
      • member
      • 105 posts
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      I just think that this mod - a major simplification of the game. Almost cheat.
      But wait until someone at the station wants to talk about some of the expert - too strong complication. Need some kind of intermediate option. Or specialist for money reveals your skills, either through the same mini-game, even if the conditions of its launch will remain unchanged.Just tell about their specialist skills, and not someone else.
      Sorry for Google Translate. I hope my idea is clear.