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One of the things I don't like most about X Rebirth is the walking around stations. Therefore, I decided I'd do something about it. This mod adds an entry to the Universe menu (MAIN MENU/3/3) which allows to remotely talk to NPCs on stations.

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Please be aware that you might have to create an account on this site to download NESA. Creating an account is totally free (simply don't check any checkbox during the first step and click "Create Account"), even though you are presented with a choice of support plans (which I encourage you to do, since this site is great and deserves your support).

Check out my mod UFO - Ultimate Fleet Overhaul which aims to replace the stock combat and fleet AI.

=== About ===

One of the things I don't like most about X Rebirth is the walking around stations. Therefore, I decided I'd do something about it. I hereby proudly present:

NESA - Never Enter Stations Again

=== Details ===

This mod adds an entry to the Universe menu (MAIN MENU/3/3) which allows to remotely talk to NPCs on stations. All NPC types should be supported, and you get the full dialog options (including hiring, shopping, show me your skills etc.). This mod also features extensive customization options (see Configuration section below).

However, please be aware that this is a beta release and as such should not be used in a real game. This mod might melt your PC, or destroy the world, who knows. So please use it with caution.

=== Download ===

You can either subscribe to NESA on the Steam workshop or download it here from the Nexus.

=== Installation ===

Extract and copy the "NESA" folder to the "Steam/steamapps/common/X Rebirth/extensions" folder (create the extensions folder if you don't have it already).

If you are upgrading from a previous version, simply overwrite all files (though backup your config first if you don't remember all your settings).

In early versions the mod was still using the "MainMenu.xml" file. Please check if you still have that file in your "Steam/steamapps/common/X Rebirth/extensions/NESA/md" directory, and if so delete it.

=== Configuration ===

Note: If you are downloading NESA via the Steam workshop, you will have to execute the following steps to configure the mod:

1) Browse to the "SteamsteamappscommonX Rebirthextensionsnesa" folder
2) Rename the 'ext_01.cat' to 'ext_01_with_config.cat' and rename the 'ext_01.dat' to 'ext_01_with_config.dat'
3) Rename the 'ext_01_no_config.cat' to 'ext_01.cat' and rename the 'ext_01_no_config.dat' to 'ext_01.dat'
4) create an 'md' folder in the 'nesa' folder
5) copy the 'NESA_Config.txt' file to the 'md' folder
6) rename the 'NESA_Config.txt' file to 'NESA_Config.xml'

After extracting the "NESA" folder look for a file "Steam/steamapps/common/X Rebirth/extensions/NESA/md/NESA_Config.xml". In that file you will find all configuration parameters.

Since V0.9.1 NESA features a configuration utility which can be used to configure many aspects of the mod (see the screenshots).

For all that have issues with upgrading to the newest version: One thing you can try is to

1) load the savegame with the old version
2) wait for the NESA update message (will only appear if the config changed)
3) save the game in a new slot
4) load the newly saved game

=== Compatibility ===

There are multiple reports of NESA being incompatible with the Remove Detailmonitor Animation mod. Therefore I recommend not using them together.

This mod is incompatible with any mods that change the lower left conversation option on the Universe main menu entry, and/or any of the "hiring, trading, repairing, upgrading" dialog entries of all NPCs.

=== Uninstallation ===

Delete the "NESA" folder from the "Steam/steamapps/common/X Rebirth/extensions" folder.

=== Known issues ===

- When you remotely hire a NPC, an animation of the NPC boarding your ship will be played, even though you are in space
- Since when you talk to NPCs and trade, hire etc. your head turns right, it might be that there are cases (though I couldn't cause one) where your head will stay in that direction. However, simply opening the main menu and browsing to (MAIN MENU/3/3) should fix any issues as a workaround, since the conversation will force you to look forward again.
- When you buy equipment while talking remotely, you have to dock and undock to see the changes in the cockpit. They should be applied correctly immediately though, it's only a visual bug. (thanks sebbi08 & danni)

=== Technical Details ===

For texts I am using page 99999.

=== Release history ===

- [17.11.2013 - V0.1.0 Experimental]
Initial Release
- [17.11.2013 - V0.2.0 Experimental]
Proper conversation exit when using (Close)
Properly disabled the menu item when docked
changed menu item label to "Open Comm Link" (other languages as well)
added french translation (thanks to socros and nourse)
The script now checks all stations in the current zone, and in the menu you can iterate over all of them (the number of NPCs can be very very large though)
- [18.11.2013 - V0.3.0 Experimental]
Added better menu structure. Now you first choose the NPC type, then you see all the NPCs
- [19.11.2013 - V0.4.0 Experimental]
Added many configuration parameters
Changed order of NPC types so that traders come first
- [20.11.2013 - V0.5.0 Beta]
Fix for issue of configs not refreshing properly
Added more configuration parameters (e.g. max trade, repair, hire, upgrade dist; disable in combat; and some more)
Changed the default config to be more balanced
- [20.11.2013 - V0.5.1 Beta Hotfix]
Fixed issue with configuration refresh
- [20.11.2013 - V0.6.0 Beta]
Updated for X Rebirth version 1.15
Slightly changed the way configuration works, hopefully it's more stable now
Added distance to NPC labels for mode 2 to make it more clear with whom you can trade etc.
Increased default distances for trading etc. in configuration
Fixed angled display issue when trading
Fixed "in combat" detection not working
- [20.11.2013 - V0.6.1 Beta Hotfix]
Fixed issue with main menu not working anymore
- [21.11.2013 - V0.7.0 Beta]
Added Italian translation (thanks Montana_88)
Sort NPCs based on distance to player
Added version checks
Added option to have NPC skills revealed without needing to complete the smalltalk minigame (only when not docked)
Changed mode 2 to have an additional level where the general NPC type must be selected
- [22.11.2013 - V0.8.0 Beta]
Fixed issue with NESA not correctly initializing on new game starts
Sorted docks by distance in mode 4
Fixed angled monitor issue for mechanics, and all hiring dialogs
Fixed skill reveal for defence officers (thanks MutantDwarf)
Added option to have target NPC marked (to remove mark open mission monitor, select the mission and click "Guidance")
- [23.11.2013 - V0.9.0 Beta]
Fixed angled monitor issue for repair menu
Added option to disable NESA for mission NPCs since talking to them remotely might break missions
Added Russian translation (thanks t13link)
Fixed Italian translation not working (was using wrong language code)
Removed relation "enemy" from combat detection; now only "kill"+"nemesis" take effect, i.e. enemies that are actively pursuing you
Remove marker on target NPC when conversation ends
Adapted for Patch 1.17
Removed savegame modification flag
- [24.11.2013 - V0.9.1 Beta]
Added configuration utility (thanks to Pimpace for inspiring me to do this)
- [02.04.2014 - V0.9.2 Beta]
Adapted for Patch 1.30
Changed default configured maximum enemy distance to 0m since many people were confused by this feature

=== Future Plans ===

- find a suitable ship upgrade and create a config option for this upgrade to be required