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Adds a new tier of weaponry to XCOM2.

Permissions and credits
By Pavonis Interactive

This mod adds a pulsed laser tier of weaponry, situated between Magnetic and Beam (Plasma) weapons on the tech tree. They generally do one additional point of damage relative to Magentic weapons, or a 50% chance of one point of damage more for laser pistols. 

The basic Pulse Laser technology requires having researched Elerium technology to unlock. Advanced Pulse Lasers requires basic Pulse Laser technology to unlock. Plasma (Beam) weapons now require Advanced Pulse Lasers technology to unlock. This will have the effect of delaying plasma tier weapons because of extra research time, but the resource cost for developing lasers is comparable to magnetic weapons, so you may able to field the lasers somewhat sooner. 

This includes a Pulse Laser SMG, the Pulse Stengun, which will only be playable if you also have Long War Studios' SMG mod installed. 

----------------- CREDITS -------------------- 

Lead Artist: Chris "CapnBubs" Mansell (Twitter: @CapnBubs) 
Contributing Artist: Robert Bakos 
2D Artist: Dana Henderson (http://www.danaillustration.com/)
Concept Artist: James C.L. Karlson 
Programming: Rachel Norman 
Design Lead: John Lumpkin 


Modders are free to incorporate any code or other assets from this mod in their own, provided credit is given to Long War Studios in the appropriate places in mod releases. 

--------------- COMPATIBILITY --------------- 

This mod does not override any base-game classes.