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This adds leaders, a new development path for XCOM soldiers. Leaders train in the Guerrilla Tactics School and gain perks that help the entire squad. Only one leader may go on most missions, so be careful who you select for training.

Permissions and credits
By Pavonis Interactive

This mod adds an upgrade path for XCOM soldiers, that of being a 'leader.' Leaders draw from a pool of 10 new abilities, of which a single leader can eventually learn up to 5.
- Leaders are unlocked via an upgrade to the Guerilla Tactics School. This upgrade is purchasable when the player has gotten at least one soldier to the rank of Sergeant.
- The Guerilla Tactics School upgrade unlocks a Training Slot for training soldiers with leader abilities.
- Soldiers must be of a corresponding baseline rank to be able to train a leader perk, starting with Sergeants being able to train the first leader level.
- Except in dire emergencies, only one leader can be taken on a mission at a time.
- Many leader abilities use the concept of 'Command Range' - this range increases as the leader gains leader rank by training additional leader abilities. This can be viewed by toggling a button in the mission UI.

Manually Installing the mod
1) Copy the contents of the mod package to the directory \Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\

Manually Uninstalling the mod
1) Remove the folder \Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\LW_OfficerPack\

This mod was commissioned by 2K Games to be released with XCOM 2.


UDPATE 3/21/2016

v2 of the mod is published with the following fixes:

- You can no longer train psi perks at the same time as leader perks. This fixes a bug in which soldiers could get locked out of the psi labs.
- Leaders with Collector and Scavenger will no longer accumulate intel points/bonus loot from kills during a mission after if they are mind-controlled, killed, leave the map, etc.
- The command range icon will no longer appear on missions in which you have not brought a leader.
- Fix to CTD on missions after player dismisses a leader. Note that this will not prevent eventual CTDs in the current mission in tactical savegames -- the damage has already been done and we can't undo it. The workaround if you have a leader-based CTD in the current mission is to uninstall the mod and finish the mission, and reinstall it and continue.

UPDATE 5/12/2016

v3 mod is published with critical compatibility fixes with the 5/12 base-game patch.