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Since V2.0BETA this is no longer a highlander mod. It gives each soldier an ammo and a vest slot.

Permissions and credits
- Extra Ammo slot (can be disabled from ini) 
- Extra Utility Slot (can be disabled / number can be increased via ini. Not for SPARKs.) 
- XCOM Shirt Item which grants +5 Will bonus to user (Will bonus can be changed / can be disabled via ini) 
- Building Experimental Armor now requires one Nanofiber Vest to be built (can be disabled via ini) 

My motivation for doing this mod was that I finished the game as Legend / Ironman and it turned out that I really didn't use more than one ammo and vest item during the whole game play. As I think that they're pretty great items over all, I wanted to create a mod which would allow me to use them more. 

Strategy game balance will be slightly tweaked as Nanofiber Vest has been set as a requirement for Experimental Armor (bigger impact as it's more expensive). 

Tactical game balance has not been tweaked at all, the extra slots will make combat easier and so it is recommended that if you want to have more balanced experience, install a mod that directly adds difficulty to the tactical game, ie. Increased Enemy Squad Size etc 

MOD recommended: 
High Quality Rounds, adds early game ammo so you have something to add on those slots 

- TONS of Utility Items (doesn't work at all with this) 
- LW Toolbox (Minor, disables direct squad select item equipment). 
- LW Leader Pack (Minor, disables direct squad select item equipment) HAS TO HAVE HIGHER LOAD ORDER THAN AVS! 
- Make Weapons Available (Minor / Major, depending on load order. Doesn't show the new strip weapons button in UIArmory if Ammo and Vest Slots is loaded over this, other way around it disables Ammo and Vest Slots.) 
- Playable Advent (Major, both overrides UIarmory, can be probably worked around if you load Playable Advent first and then Ammo and Vest Slots, but it can cause you issues when equipping advent troopers in armory). 

- UIUtilities_Strategy 
- UIArmory_Loadout 
- UISquadSelect_UtilityItem 
- UISquadSelect_ListItem 

Configurable from XComAmmoAndVestSlotsV2.ini (found in mod installation folder): 
- adjust extra utility slots amount by adjusting NUM_UTILITY_SLOTS. Default value is 1. Over 5 has not been tested. 
- disable nanofiber vest build requirement. Change ExperimentalVestReq = 1 line to ExperimentalVestReq = 0 
- remove specific ammo slot by changing HAS_AMMO_POCKET from 1 to 0. 
- remove one extra utility slot shown in squad selection by changing HAS_VEST_SLOT from 1 to 0. 
- After removing your old vest items, you can now remove the deprecated vest items button by changing SHOW_VEST_BTN from 1 to 0. 
- Choose your icon colors from available options in the ini. Check the ini for available options. 
- Remove XCOM T-Shirt. 
- Add dummy vest slot icon for those who do not want to use the T-Shirt. 

Known bugs: 
- Utility items will change position when replaced in inventory, except for the first slot. 
- After v3.02 sometimes your units from older save won't have extra utility slot. It should get fixed after you switch his armor. 

This mod could not be done without all the examples and code snippets around in forums and reddits. Thanks for everyone who shares information. :) 

Credits: Design of icons - Zyxpsilon, check out his qUIck ui icon set mods in games workshop http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033406473/myworkshopfiles/ 

Available also on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=674420475

Vest items not functioning ingame?
- Make sure you have removed the item from inventory and put it back after v2.2 update. 

If you have issues with the mod not working properly or at all, please check out my guide first: