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  1. dwharper34
    • premium
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    I really like this mod. I ran into a problem though. It seems to be conflicting with "More Squad Size Upgrades".

    I started a new game with 6 squad members and then purchased squad 1 and 2 which gave me 8. Everything was alright until later in the game when I purchased squad size 3. With 8 squad members, the entire squad selection screen is shown at once. With 9, the scroll bar scrolled correctly, but any squad member that I replaced would cause the user interface to shift to the right when I returned to the selection screen. The left side of the interface was at the center of the screen with the squad appearing correctly above. The scroll bar would not travel any more than it did when it was working correctly, which is maybe a couple of inches, and only shows about 5 players. This was unacceptable.

    I uninstalled your mod and it started working correctly. It would be great if you could fix it so it was compatible. Thanks! I still endorsed your mod.
  2. Pryda4ever
    • member
    • 17 posts
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    Thank you perfect
  3. sasko1230
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    why updated version of this mod and many other are not here on nexux mods many mods are updated but not here tho
  4. AmiSayed
    • member
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    After the latest update the soldier stats seems to be covered by a health bar apparently. Can you fix it please?
    1. Xingan
      • member
      • 2 posts
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    2. Xsilva
      • member
      • 6 posts
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      There is a mod in the Steam Workshop that has a bit of a work around for this. It removes the health bar, still shows for Shen, and Central on their respective DLC missions but its a step in the right direction.

  5. Wrathchilde
    • member
    • 126 posts
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    It looks like this mod has been abandoned both here and on the Workshop.
  6. Coolernexus
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Great mod! but it will be awesome if you make it LW toolbox compatible!! please.
  7. 5rJoud
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    One of those amazing mods that are desperately needed.

    Here is my playthrough using it if anybody is interested
  8. BABUT
    • member
    • 22 posts
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    gui bug with first advent event, cant fly to the mission
  9. JonnyFiveAlive
    • member
    • 63 posts
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    Great work Super d! I did a youtube video review for this mod! Thanks for your hard work!
  10. SunkenMonk
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    This mod doesn't work with LW toolbox, which sucks