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Replacement shotguns with overhauled combat mechanics. They now behave and feel like unique weapons, not high crit assault rifles.
Shotguns now lose damage at range and through cover. All changes are alterable and removable with the provided config.

Permissions and credits
Replacement shotguns with overhauled combat mechanics. They now behave and feel like unique weapons, not high crit assault rifles. 

*Key Features 
  • 3 new shotguns, one at each tier, intended to be used in lieu of the defaults 
  • New shotguns are supremely accurate, modeling the behavior of buckshot 
  • Shotguns primarily lose damage as the range increases, as opposed to accuracy. 
  • Shotguns damage is cut severely when attempting to shoot enemies behind cover. By default low cover reduces damage by 40% and high cover 80%. 
  • Base damage and Crit chance slightly higher, but the base damage assumes you are at point blank range. 
  • +1 mobility, to help make up for forcing you to close the distance (2/27)
  • Comprehensive Config file, so you can change anything you want about the mod easily. This includes a ranged damage drop-off array. 

  • No class overrides whatsoever 

*Known issues 

  • It can be a bit difficult to tell exactly how much damage you will do, until you become familiar with the mechanics. This is because the UI only shows base weapon damage. 
  • I'm just one guy, so balance testing is a bit of a crap shoot. I look forward to feedback, as I will be maintaining this mod. Also this mod is part of a larger game overhaul. I did my best to balance it to fit the current game, but the mechanics are designed for my new version of XCom2. I will balance with community feedback.
  • When you go to buy the Shard Gun OH, it show a picture of a mag rifle. Doesn't effect anything, but despite knowing the line of code that sets the picture, I can't get the damn thing to change lol. 

*Look forward to my future weapon overhauls! I intend to make every weapon category unique. 

***How to tweak the balance yourself 

Config for this mod is located at 

Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\ShotgunOverhaul\Config\XComShotgunOverhaul.ini 

If you have any ideas on how to make this mod better, I have provided the tool in this config for you to test them out yourself! 
Post your changes, ideas, or even revised config files as comments here: 


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