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An INI mod that changes many aspects of the game, most notably weapons, enemies, and armor.

Permissions and credits
*NOTE: This mod requires the "Armor Stats Customiser" mod in order to apply changes to armor, found here:


This mod is made of a lot of INI tweaks that drastically alter the gameplay. Primarily, it overhauls the weapons and armors to reinforce their roles, make them more diverse, and make the lower tiers useful throughout the game. It also changes enemy stats in order to provide a balance with the stat changes.

EDIT: As people have understandably pointed out, the mod may not be 100% balanced. I prioritized making combat more fun over anything else. Balance was not the priority, but I did try to retain as much as I could. Constructive criticism in this regard is appreciated.


Tier Changes
-Tier 1 (Conventional Weapons): Do more raw damage than any of the other tiers.
-Tier 2 (Magnetic Weapons): Now shred some of the enemy's armor, but do less damage.
-Tier 3 (Beam Weapons): Ignore enemy armor completely, but do significantly less damage.

Weapon Class Changes
-Assault Rifles: They are still versatile weapons. Their overall damage has been increased somewhat.
-Shotguns: [NEED FEEDBACK] Shotguns are in an admittedly strange place right now. They do very little damage (equal to pistols) and have a -20 aim penalty. However, they have a higher chance to crit and do an extreme amount of critical damage. They are very effective against flanked enemies. I've played with the changes and like them personally, but let me know what you think.
-Cannons: Cannons now do a high amount of damage and have the highest clip size of all weapons (increased to 6, up from the vanilla game's value of 3). However, they have an aim penalty of -5 and do no extra damage on critical hits. These changes reinforce their role as suppressive weapons.
-Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifles do an extreme amount of damage and have a whopping +50 aim bonus. They must be reloaded after every shot however, making them slow (without perks, they can only be fired every other turn.) They are now very effective at damaging enemies behind cover. They can only crit by use of the Shadowstrike ability.
-Swords: Tier 1 Sword - Highest damage. Tier 2 - VERY Low damage, but has a 100% to stun. - Tier 3 - Medium damage, retains its chance to burn.
-Grenade Launchers: The basic grenade launcher has had its range bonus reduced to 3 (down from 4) and its radius bonus increased to 3 (up from 1). The advanced grenade launcher has been renamed 'Longbow Launcher' and has had its range bonus increased to 12 (up from 5), but its radius bonus decreased to 0 (down from 2)
-Pistols: Pistols now do slightly more crit damage. Their tiers function the same as the primary weapons (Damage, Shred, Pierce).
-GREMLINS: Tier 1 - Offers a greater hack bonus, but poor offense. Tier 2 -Offers a mix of hack bonus and offense. Tier 3 - Offers a lot of offense, but no hack bonus.
-PSI Amps: Tier 1 - The amp has a range of damage, so that PSI abilities can do either light, medium, or heavy damage. Tier 2 - The amp has no range of damage, meaning PSI abilities do a medium amount of damage consistently and reliably. Tier 3 - The amp has a huge range of damage, meaning it can be either pitifully weak or extremely destructive.
-Grenades: Grenades now do more damage. All grenades (except Frag and Acid) no longer shred
-Heavy Weapons: All heavy weapons now do more damage. Explosive and Shredding heavy weapons shred more armor.


-Kevlar Armor:+4 health, utility slot
-Predator Armor:+4 health, +2 armor, utility slot, -1 mobility
-Spider Suit:+2 health, +33% dodge, +2 mobility
-EXO Suit:+4 health, +4 armor, -2 mobility
-Warden Armor:+2 health, +20 will, +20 PSI, control immunity, utility slot
-Wraith Armor: +0 health, utility slot, +2 mobility, +15 defense, +15% dodge
-W.A.R. Suit:+4 health, health regeneration, immunity to fire + poison + acid, -2 mobility


-The following changes apply to all difficulties, but the difference is more noticeable on Rookie and Veteran.
-Early-game enemies have received large health bonuses to compensate for the increased power of Tier 1 weapons.
-Early-game enemies now do more damage to compensate for the increased HP of the standard Kevlar.
-As a general rule, unarmored enemies have more health, and armored enemies have more armor.
-Some agile units (such as Vipers and Codices) have slightly higher Dodge chances.
-PSI Zombies, Faceless, and Sectoids have had their health increased greatly to make them more powerful and intimidating.
-PSI Zombies now have a base damage of 10.
- Faceless now do 6 damage (up from 3).
-Sectopods and Gatekeepers have a huge amount of armor and are almost impervious to conventional weapons. Their health has been reduced though, so Tier 2 and Tier 3 weapons are effective.
-Robotic enemies can pierce armor.


-Soldier mobility increased from 12 to 13.
-Mobility penalty when carrying a dead or unconscious unit increased from 0 to -2
-'Blademaster' Ranger perk now provides +4 sword damage (up from 2)
-'Conceal' Ranger perk now has 2 charges instead of just 1.
-Sharpshooter perks 'Killzone' and 'Serial' have been replaced by 'Conceal' and 'Shadowstrike.' This is because the original perks were severely weakened by my changes to sniper rifles.
-Shadowstrike now guarantees a critical hit. This is also the only way Sniper Rifles can crit.
-Removed Sharpshooter's +20 aim bonus, as the Sniper Rifles themselves now have their own aim bonus. This prevents Cannons and Shotguns from becoming too powerful in the hands of a Sharpshooter if you have the Any Class Any Weapon mod installed.
-Starting resources have been increased significantly.
-Tweaked number of days it takes for rookies to train to a specific class based on difficulty. From Rookie to Legendary: 0/1/3/5.
-The amount of missions a soldier undertakes to recover from 'Shaken' has been tweaked based on difficulties. Was
1/2/2/2, now 1/1/2/3.
-Expanded Magazine weapon upgrades no longer function in order to maintain weapon balance. They have been renamed 'Junk Weapon Parts,' 'Damaged Weapon Parts,' and 'Salvageable Weapon Parts.' They can still be found as loot drops and can be sold at the Black Market.
-The amount of experience required for soldiers to level up has been tweaked. Now 1/50/150/300/600/1200/2400
(was 1/70/160/305/520/825/1250).
-Successfully completing missions now yields bonus experience.

*NOTE: You should create backups of any files you overwrite.

1. Download the Armor Stat Customiser mod and follow the instructions.

2. Download this mod.

3. Go to this mod's folder
...steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\WeaponOverhaulAndOtherTweaks\Addons
Copy and paste XComArmorStatCustomiser.ini to the Config folder of the Armor Stat Customiser mod.
Overwrite the file

Go to this mod's addon folder again and copy-paste XComLW_SMGPack.ini & XComGame.int into the Config and Localization folders found in
...steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\LW_SMGPack respectively. Overwrite the files when it prompts you

Go to this mod's ADDONS folder yet again. Copy-paste XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini folder to
...steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\LW_AlienPack\Config
Overwrite the files when prompted


These mods GREATLY enhance the gameplay experience when paired with mine, though they're not technically required.
SMG Pack

Alien Pack

True Concealment

Max Squad Size Fix

Any Class Any Weapon

Increased Enemy Squad Size

Slower Avatar Progression