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Removes the loud ambient audio from the Furies map, allowing normal mission music to play instead.

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Normal Furies Music gets rid of the ambient audio on the Furies map, which is a loud, constant droning sound that ignores the music volume in the game settings. Removing the audio track causes the game to fall back to its normal behavior on UFO maps, playing appropriate ambient/music tracks depending on whether the player is engaged with enemies or not.

In base Enemy Within, the Furies map is only used as part of the Furies mission, in the Operation Progeny DLC mission chain. In Long War, the Furies map is additionally used for landed Abductors and Harvesters. This mod will remove the ambient audio in all situations, regardless of what kind of mission brought you to the map.


This mod should work with any version of XCOM: Enemy Within. Since the Furies map is part of the Operation Progeny DLC, you must have that DLC as well.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.