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This mod allows you to customise how your soliders, mecs and shivs are affected by fatigue and injury timers in Long war

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Custom fatigue and injury time for LW1.1 and 1.0 for soliders, mecs and shivs

The mod aims to give you the ability to edit fatigue and injury timers in Long war. 

By default when you open the two .txt files included you will find the default values for fatigue and injury time for LW1.0 and 1.1. You can choose either as a baseline then change the values depending how you want to play. Be aware the values in each represent hours so please factor that in when editing them. Included in this file are other values that are usually hardcoded in DefaultGameCore.ini (full list below). I have replaced those calls here in an effort to make it simpler to customise fatigue/injury timers. If you use this mod those values will no long change any value related to fatigue or injury time.  

Fatigue and injury timers are broken down into (usually) 2 parts. A base time that they will always have say 48 hours and then a random time say 24 hours that they could roll up to. In this example your soldiers will always have between 2 and 3 days of fatigue. Injury time takes the above and adds to it again depending on the scale of the injury.

Values that you can change
  • Base Soldier Fatigue
  • Base Mec Fatigue
  • Random Soldier Fatigue
  • Random Mec Fatigue
  • Officer Fatigue - This is * by every rank they go up so be cautious
  • Critwound Extra Fatigue

  • Base Soldier Injury
  • Base Mec Injury
  • Random injury based on health lost/days passed and time/research - This counts for soldiers and mecs.  
  • Base Shiv Injury 
  • Random Shiv Injury
  • Extra Random Shiv Injury - Yes there are two random values

General modifies:
  • Advanced Surgery
  • Advanced repair Shiv Injury
  • Advanced repair Mec Injury
  • Bone marrow soldier bonus

Note: This mod has two versions designed for LW1.1 and 1.0 respectfully, the only difference between them are the mods default values. If you are using an earlier version than 1.0 there is a good change it would work but I have not tested it. If it doesn't and you would like a version for it please let me know.
Note 2: This installation guide assumes that you have already installed Long war.

  • Edit the values in your chosen .txt file
  • Copy your chosen file into PatcherGUI's mod file 
  • Click Apply to install the changes

Tools used
UE Explorer