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"No Looking Back", "Our Finest Hour", "Ain't No Cavalry Comin'" & "An Army Of Four" achievements ready to be unlocked.

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So I was looking around the Nexus and got inspired by Gampuh who uploaded their game for the "A Continental Fellow" Achievement (which you may get using this mod too, not sure) and I decided to suffer through a bit and get a game save that I wish existed earlier. So you guys have a game save you can download with the "No Looking Back", "Our Finest Hour", "Ain't No Cavalry Comin'" & "An Army Of Four" achievements ready to be unlocked. 

Just finish off the Uber Ethereal and you should unlock the achievements. Unfortunately I have no way to actually test if it works since I already unlocked the achievements.

This could also unlock a few other achievements that aren't listed here but I'm not sure so please let me know if you get any extra achievements at the end.

Please like and endorse this mod, this took a solid while to complete and a few failed attempts but I mostly did this so that people can get them easy if they don't want to suffer. (the other reason is my friend said I couldn't do it all in one go and I did it out of spite)


1)Download the game save file and unzip it

2) Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Within\XComGame

3) Make a backup copy of the folder SaveData if you want to keep your old saves.

4) Go into the original SaveData folder and delete every file inside.

5) Copy profile.bin and save17
 into this folder.

6) Launch Xcom Enemy Within.

7) Load the save.

8) Kill the Enemy that's almostdead

9) Wait for the cutscene (yes, I know it sucks).

10) The achievements are rewarded once you get to the stats screen. There might be a few other achievements that may be rewarded if you don't already have them.

11) Restore your back up saves by deleting SaveData and copying the old folder back in.