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Customizable mod that changes the threshold at which various menus change from showing time remaining in days or hours.

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Show Me In Hours is a UI tweak for several screens on the strategy layer.  By default, the game shows all timers in days, switching to hours only when there are 23 hours or less remaining. With this mod, you can choose a custom threshold instead for the following events:

  • Barracks: all soldier timers (fatigue, wounds, augmentation, gene modding, and psi training). This includes any time the barracks list is used, such as when choosing soldiers for missions.
  • Engineering: MEC augmentation, Foundry projects, and item build times.
  • Hangar: Interceptor/Firestorm repair time.
  • Research: gene lab modification.

Notably, this mod does not change the timers visible in the central event menu that combines events from all sources. Only timers in subareas of the base are affected.

The thresholds are customizable, from 0 to 255 hours.


This mod is only tested with Long War 1.0; it has not been tested with LW 1.1, LWR, or the base Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.