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Fixes two outstanding bugs with overlapping Smoke Grenades: (1) Losing smoke when one smoke expires before the other, and (2) losing smoke when moving from one smoke volume to the other.

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Fix Overlapping Smoke Bugs addresses two bugs with Smoke Grenades that can cause your soldiers to wind up without the smoke buff in situations where they should have it.

  • If a soldier is covered by two smoke grenades that were thrown on different turns, when the earlier smoke grenade expires, they will not gain the buff from being covered by the second smoke grenade.
  • If two smoke grenades overlap and a soldier moves between them (i.e. exiting one smoke area while remaining in the other), they will lose the smoke buff.


This mod is only tested with Long War 1.0; it has not been tested with LW 1.1, LWR, or the base Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.