XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Installation guide for ERaT 26.2
If upgrading from 26.1a, only do step 1.

**Have Long War 1.0 installed
**Uninstall any other overhaul mod
**Make a backup of any old files before overwriting
**Sightlines is activated by pressing 'c' during a mission
**If you see an error message when you launch the game, it might be because you have the file MiniModsCollection in the folder CookedPCConsole, which you should delete (because you already have a copy in the Mutators folder)

1. Copy the contents of the Config folder to

2. Copy the contents of the INT folder to

3. Copy the contents of the CookedPCConsole folder to

4. Install ERaT.txt and ERaT_Mod_Pack.txt using Long War Mod Manager or PatcherGUI (uninstall any previous versions of the mod, as well as any existing mods that are included in ERaT_Mod_Pack.txt)

IMPORTANT: when installing with LW Mod Manager, make sure the "Preserve Current Configuration" box is checked
You can find Long War Mod Manager here


Turn on Training Roulette. ***IMPORTANT***
Aiming Angles and Red Fog are also recommended.
Absolutely Critical is NOT recommended.
Some DLC missions (such as Deluge) will be more difficult due to tougher enemies being harder to eliminate in the time given.


5. DefaultRevealMod.txt in the config folder allows aliens to activate other pods. This is turned on by default, which causes battles to be more difficult, but also more exciting. Turning it off will make missions play out more similarly to how they did in normal Long War 1.0.

"bCallFriendsEndOfTurn=true;" means that at the end of the alien's turn, active aliens will trigger/reveal other pods in its line of sight.
"bCallFriendsOnPodReveal=true;" means that whenever a new pod is revealed, it will immediately trigger/reveal other pods in its line of sight.
Change "true" to "false" to deactivate these options.
See https://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/715 for more details.

6. If you want to play with the new MEC ability trees, skip this step. If you want to play with randomized MEC abilities, open "DefaultRoulettePlus.ini" in the Config folder and change "IsMECRandom=false" to "IsMECRandom=true"

7. If you are playing with Squadron Unleashed and find that interception times are too short (or that weapons deal too much damage), in the Squadron Unleashed_configurator, increase the number in ALIAS=SpazmoFactor:<%f 1.0>. This will decrease interceptor damage and increase engagement time.