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This Is The Long War Edition Of My XCom Welcome To Hell Mod
- This Is Not A Difficulty Tweak
- This Is Not A Beginner Tweak,
This Is A Total Long war Overhaul Including Perks, Weapons, Small Items, Armors And Level Up Stats.

Permissions and credits

This Is Not A Difficulty Tweak

This Is Not A Beginner Tweak,

This Is A Total Long war Overhaul Including Perks And Weapons And Level Up Stats Based On My Previous    XCom Welcome To Hell Mod

NOTE :  this mod is created in order to provide some sorta padding on the impossible difficulty, and hence it might and will get too easy on anything other than impossible difficulty. this mod helps u experience the impossible difficulty of long war without punishing u brutally for silly mistakes that u did some 3 months ago in game, making the game actually enjoyable rather than feel like a Monday early morning job (Tedious, unenjoyable and extremely obnoxious)

There Are Different ini Files Provided Each Containing Different Stats For Aliens Choose What You Want, Depending On If U Want Harder Or Easier Game
You Can Swap The ini Files Anytime U Want, But The Changes Dont Take Place If U Are In The Middle Of The Tactical Mission, Instead They Will Be Applied To Your Next Tactical Missions
As Of V2.8 And Above There Are Only 2 Versions Of The Game, One Is For Veterans And Other Is For Casual Players, U Can Swap The Mods Anytime U Want, But Like I Said The Changes Will Only Take Place When U Start The Tactical Mission, But Not When You Are In The Middle Of The Mission.  

As Of V3.0.1 Only Veteran version is available in 2 Flavors. One is fine tuned for to use with Dynamic war second wave option and the other is for to use without Dynamic war second wave option. 

Requirement - 

Requires The Latest And Final Version Of The Long War Mod For EW  "Long War EW 1.0 for PC"  
Might Also Work With The Previous Versions Since Its Just A Bunch Of ini Tweaks With Some Hex Edited UPK Files, But Then Again I Am Not Sure Since I Haven't Tested It On Any Other Versions 

Installation - 
- The XComGame.int goes into your long war XComGame\Localization\INT (backup before replacing)
- the rest of the ini files goes to your long war XComGame\Config

Caution:- Before Updating, Please Unequip All The Items From The Inventory Including Weapons, Scopes, Laser Sights, Everything, And Save The Game.

There Is A Bug That Grants Your Solders Perks Permanently If U Do Not Removed The Items That Grant Perks Before Updating.

Note - Its Fully Compatible With Previous Versions Saves. But Its Highly Recommended To Start A Fresh Game If U Want The New Solder Stats. You Can Always Use The Cheat Thingy Provided To Get Back Your Lost Progress Quickly
Really Sorry For Any Inconvenience Caused  (Only Applies If You Are Upgrading To v2.0 Or Above From Older Versions)
Item Changes Overview -
- Scope - Everyone - Damn Good Ground Perk
- Alloy Bipod - Gunner/Sniper - Platform Stability Perk 
- Walker Servos - All Classes - Sprinter Perk  
- Armor Piercing Ammo - Sniper/Mec/Shiv 
- Targeting Module - Everyone - Holo Targeting Perk 
- Laser Sights - Everyone - Sharpshooter Perk 
- Alloy Jacketed Rounds - Everyone - Lock N Load
- Enhanced Beam Optics - Everyone - Lock N Load
- Plasma Stellerator - All Classes - Lock N Load Perk 
- Alloy Plating - All Classes - Resilience Perk
- Impact Vest - Gunner/Assault - Shock Absorbent Armor Perk
- Chameleon Suit - All Classes - Concealment Perk
- Shredder Ammo - Assault/Gunner 
- Reinforced Armor - Everyone Except Shivs - Packmaster Perk
- SMG              - Flush 
- Carbine          - Suppression
- Sawed Off Shotgun - Close Combat Specialist  
- SAW              - Run And Gun 
- Drum Mags - Ready For Anything
- The Trumper - Close Combat Specelist
- Battle Compute - Reactive Targeting Sensors
- Core Armoring - Resilience 
- Alloy Carbide Plating - Extra Conditioning 
- Aim Assist - Ranger
- Breaching Ammo - Ranger 
- Flake Ammo - Deadeye
- Shadow Armor - Low Profile

Normal Mod - 
Default Setting Of The Mod, Aliens Will Have Normal Intended HP And No Additional Difficulty Like Extra Aim, Defence, HP Bonus For Aliens.
Veteran Mod - 
Aliens Gain +10 Aim, +20 Defense Over Time Depending On Their Research Level. Aliens Also Will Have Higher HP Than Normal Mod. 

Cheat Mod -
- No fatigue times 
- weapons are more accurate 
- armor gives ton of hp and mobility 
- Fragments give $100
- Instant psi training
- Instant gene mods
- Instant ITEM Building 
- Instant Building CONSTRUCTION 
- Instant Excavation 
- Tac Armor Have Big DR
- aircraft weapons are better (Avalance And Phoenix Cannons)
- Instant Mec Troopers 
- aircraft have huge hp 
- enemies wil have less HP 
- 100% psi Chance 
- Pistol And SMG Damage Buff

Soft Cheat - 
- Build Based On V3.0.1 Dynamic War
- Civilians have 99 HP 
- Solders Weapons (SMG's, Assault Rifles, Carbines, Mec Basic, Shiv Basic, Battle Rifles) Have 150% AIM and does 99 Damage 
- Aircraft have huge HP and Armor 
- Avalanche missiles are modded to be 100% do less damage but have insane re attack time. 
- Tac Armor, mec and shiv basic armor Have 99 HP and Gives 50 Mobility 
- Aliens capture cannot fail.

New Commands - (Only Works In Cheat Mod)
Alt + m = toggle FOG (NOTE - Wont Reveal Hidden Aliens, To reveal Aliens U Need To Press Both Alt + M And Alt + L)
alt + n = Disable Aliens Turn 
Alt + l = Show All Aliens (Note - U Still Cant See Aliens If They Are Hidden In FOG)

Note - 
Cheat Mod Is Ment For Retrieving Lost Game Progress In A Fast But Honest Way. Cheat Mod Only Helps U Finish Missions Faster, By Helping U Kill Aliens Faster. It Wont Help U Cheat Resources, Nor Will It Help U To Finish Research Projects Faster. You Should Still Work For Them By Doing Missions. Which Is Why I Never Provided Any Commands To Give Additional resources For Players.

NOTE - All Game Modes Are Compatible With Each Other, And Can Be Swap Anytime U Want. There Wont Be Any Side Effects Or Glitches. Please Remember To Backup Your Save Files Before Swapping Files.

Note -
This Will Probably Be The Final Version. No Further Changes Planned. 
There Wont Be Any More Updates Unless Its A Bug Fix Or Some Kinda Suggestion 
Am Planning To Do A Gameplay Video Or Lets Play Video However U Call It. However Since English Isint My First Language I Pardon For Any Mistakes I Might Do While Doing The Video  

Just A Sample Of How Horrible Terror Missions Can Be :) 

Note -

Unfortunately i cannot publicly share my Personal Full version of the mod due to copyright issues. long war devs specified that you cannot publicly release modified LW upk files. So there it goes, the most i can share is ini files. but not to worry, you can achieve the similar results by installing the PatcherGUI mods that i have listed in my read me. Hope U like the tweaks and enjoy the mod

however, PM me if u dont want to bother with all those patchergui stuff, Or dont have time for that and rather just download the the mod and play (A hassle Free Version) :).

All Downloads Are Hassle Free Full Versions From V3.0.0

Basically This Is Made To Remove All The Tedious And Exhausting Features Of The Longwar Like Heavy RNG Dependent, Horrible And Very Unpleasant Aircombat, Too Much Grind, Too Much  Waiting Factor And Make It More Enjoyable For An Average Casual Player Who Just Want To Enjoy The Mod, While Still Retaining All Its Awesome Additions And Maintaining The Solid Original Difficulty, Tense Situations, Good Challenge And Making The Game Fun To Play. If U Have Played My XCom EU Mod (XCom Welcome To Hell), Then This Is Basically An Upgraded Version Of That

Long War Is An Awesome Mod. But, Too Bad Its Just Constant, Never Ending, Virtual Dickpunching For An Average Joe Who Do Not Have Lots Of Free Time In Their Hands And Just Wants To Enjoy The Game But Refuse To Lower The Difficulty Cause Ai In Lower Difficulties Is Not Really Enjoyable
This Is For Those Who Really Want To Play And Experience What Longwar Brings To The Game, But Cannot Cause Its Too Much Artificial Difficulty And Too Much Punishing And Too Much BS RNG

Highly Recommended Difficulty Setting -

- Impossible (Seriously Just Try It)

Highly Recommended Second Wave Options -

- Strict Screening - (Its Just My Personal Pick, The Game Goes Fine With Or Without It)

Highly Not Recommended Second Wave Options -

- Hidden Potential - (I Dont Recommend, Just Personal Opinion)
- Training Roulette - (I Dont Recommend, Just Personal Opinion)

Mandatory PatcherGUI Mod -

- Lock N Load With Items (Provided In The Misc Files Section)

This Mod Is A Must In Order To Make Items Use Perks Given To Them Especially The Lock N Load Perk Granting Items. With Out This Mod, Those Items Wont Work.  (Included/Integrated In Version 3.0.0)

Highly Recommended PathcerGUI
Mods -

- Eliminated ITZ Damage Penalty (Included/Integrated In Version 3.0.0)

Other Useful PatcherGUI Mods (All These Mods Are Included/Integrated In V3.0.0)

- Geoscape Pause On Notification 
- Enemy Line Of Sight Indicator
- Drone Repair Re enabled 
- PSi And Mec Officers 
- Situation Room Panic-Defense Values
- EXALT Reminder 
- Alien Strategic Stas Exposed 
- Soldier Gender 
- Lightning Reflexes 
- Long War Modify Fatigue 
- Mec Trooper Level Loss
- Carlock + CustomizeUniqueSoldiers
- True Concealment 
- Fragment Friendly Explosions 
- Long War Tab Fix
- Load Out Manager Mod 
- Virtual Reality Training

NOTE - AS OF V3.0.0 And Above, All The Above Recommended PatcherGUI Mods Are Integrated Into The Mod To Make One Hassle Free Version, And Hence Need Not Be Downloaded Separately And Installed. Credits For The Changes Goes To The Respective Authors. 

NOTE - Only Valkyrie And Goliath Mecs Are Edited, The Rest Are Left As They Are Cause Its Just Too Much Work And I Dont Really See The Point In Having More MEC Classes. 

Valkyrie Is Ranged Combat Mec, Fragile But Good Ranged Damage
Goliath Is Your Mean Close Range Tanky Punching Machine


Goliath Comes From Gunner Class And Valkyrie Comes From Infantry Class