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An Overhaul that I have been working on for awhile that incorporates many of my standalone mods into one giant mess! This mod completely reworks the tech tree, adds new foundry projects, modifies the weapons to be slightly more balanced against one another, and several more minor changes!

Permissions and credits
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This is a total overhaul that changes the way the game plays, a new experiencefor those looking to mix it up a bit.
Required Mods\Files:
-Long War b15f3
-Patcher GUI
Modified Classes:
  • XGFacility_Labs
  • XGFacility_Engineering
  • XGFacility_Barracks
  • XGHeadquarters
  • XGTechTree
  • XGItemTree
  • XGLocalizedData
  • XGGameData
  • XGStrategy
  • XComHeadquartersCheatManager
  • XGBarracksUI
  • XGShip_Dropship


Re-worked Research Tech Tree:  Tech Tree that has definable paths that require choices, choosing specific techs will lock off access to others:
  • Beam, Pulse, and EMP are their own path
  • Advanced Ballistics, Gauss, and Fusion are their own path
  • Choosing Beam locks you off from Advanced Ballistics and subsequent research
  • Choosing Advanced Ballistics locks you off from Beam and subsequent research
  • Choosing Gene Mod Recovery locks you off from Mobile Combat 
  • Exoskeletons and Heavy Combat Exoskeletons
  • Choosing Mobile Combat Exoskeletons or Heavy Combat Exoskeletons locks you off from Gene Mod Recovery

Re-defined Techs:  Certain techs have been modified in order to balance the different 
  definable paths that only allow one direction choice
  • Gene Mod Recovery(removes Improved Combat Exoskeletons): reduces fatigue penalty for Gene Mods
  • Advanced Fusion Weaponry(removes Vehicular Plasma Weapons): increases the effectiveness of Fusion weapons
  • Advanced Ballistic Weaponry(removes Precision Plasma Weapons): increases the effectiveness of Ballistic weapons
  • Advanced Cooling Technology(removes Heavy Plasma Weapons): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor
  • Micro Techologies(removes Compact Plasma Weapons): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor
  • Alien Cybernetics(removes Experimental Warfare): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor

Additional Foundry Projects:  In order to restructure the gameplay in a unique way I have created additional foundry projects which is what will be used to unlock different tiers of weapons
  • MEC Exoskeleton Advancements
  • Improved MEC Defense Systems
  • Improved MEC Power Systems
  • Beam Cooling Systems
  • Beam Alloy Chasis
  • Advanced Beam Discharge
  • Improved Gauss Ammo Casing
  • Fused Gauss Chamber
  • Gauss Interchangable Core
  • Pulse Discharge Adaptation
  • Enhanced Pulse Charge
  • Enhanced Fusion Concepts
  • Plasma Modifications
  • Security Training: Base Defense
  • Plasma Miniturization

Modified Foundry Projects:  I found some things I wanted to expand upon, I added to the following foundry projects
  • Security Training: Weapons
  • Security Training: Armor

Item Restructure:  Many of the item requirements have been changed to mix up the gameplay for those already familiar with how Long War works

This mod started as just a simple Tech/Project rework to require foundry projects in order to unlock weapon types, it has since taken on a life of it's own and I have enjoyed adding more and more features.  I am open to suggestions and feedback for any that choose to try my mod.