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Adds DR Chipping to Long War's Damage Reduction Gauntlet, enabling repeated hits to break down Damage Reduction.

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT: This mod needs to be installed after any other LW mods, as to not be overwritten. If you're using Enhanced Tactical Info by eclipse666, make sure you also install the compatibility patch.

What is DR Chipping?
  • DR Chipping is a minor mechanics tweak that allows DR to be reduced through repeated hits. It is fully compatible with Long War and integrates seamlessly into existing campaigns. It does not overhaul balance, perk, or item stats in any way, it simply adds a new mechanic to the tactical game.

Does it affect all DR sources?
  • No. In the case of this mod, it only affects static "base" DR (e.g. flat amounts gained from Armor, items and the Iron Skin perk, a.k.a innate DR), a value which cannot exceed 9.9 DR.
  • Perks which add DR under certain conditions (such as Will to Survive or Damage Control), buffs, de-buffs, cover, and perks which reduce damage directly are not affected.

How is DR Chipping calculated?
  • When a target is shot at, two things are tested: whether the target took any damage, and if the damage received was greater than the DR (without heat or shredder).
  • If the target takes damage, 10% of the damage inflicted is subtracted from future DR.
  • If the target takes as much or more damage than it resisted (f.x. a 10 damage shot dealing 5 damage with 5 stopped by DR), a further 40% of the damage inflicted is subtracted from future DR (for a total of 50%).
  • Chipping will only remove base DR and does not add extra damage or affect other sources of DR (such as Absorption Fields or Will To Survive).

Can I have that in layman's terms?
  • You can use your high damage units to make tough targets more vulnerable to lower damage units.
  • Those early game 1-2 DR Drones and 2-3 DR Seekers that somehow always end up on 1 HP but still harass you can be finished off with a Pistol instead of an Assault Rifle.
  • Cyberdiscs will cry when you Precision Shot their exposed core and remove all their BS DR in one shot.
  • Watch out for Drones. Their repair ability fixes DR, undoing all your hard work!

Does this also affect XCOM?
  • Yes.

Can I repair it?
  • Yes, but only mechanized units and it costs a Repair charge.

This mod was designed to not require expert level knowledge to take advantage of. Play the game as usual and it should do its thing in the background (there are a couple of guidelines you can use to maximize your efficiency).

JCLewis - Long War Sr. Contributing Artist

- - - - -


This mod is installed with WGhost's PatcherGUI [available here].
0. Set PatcherGUI to install into your XEW folder as directed by its readme.
1. (Optional) If you use Enhanced Tactical Info, install that first.
2. Open and install DRChippingForLongWar.txt using PatcherGUI.
3. (Optional) If you use Enhanced Tactical Info, open and install DRChippingForLongWar-ETIPatch.txt using PatcherGUI.
That's all there is to it.

- - - - -


Run PatcherGUI's automatically compiled uninstall files in the reverse order you installed them (e.g. starting at step 3).

- - - - -


This mod is incompatible with any mod that makes changes to the same game functions (especially XGUnit.AbsorbDamage) and isn't covered by a compatibility patch.