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Utility mod for mod authors that allows custom classes to save and load data from the XCom save game. Currently only strategy layer custom classes are supported, please contact me if you want support for tactical games too.

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CustomCheckpoint allows mods defining custom classes to save and load data to the XCom saved game. It is not intended as a useful mod for individual users, but as a utility for other mod authors.

With this mod installed, you can get your custom classes to be saved and loaded by ensuring they are a subclass of Actor and by defining a CheckpointRecord structure containing the variables to save and adding the package and name of the class to the DefaultCheckpoint.ini file introduced by this mod. Any instance of this class you spawn will be recorded in the saved game and re-loaded on game load. To find the instances on load, you probably need to iterate the actorlist with foreach AllActors using your class type. That's all there is to it!

How it works

CustomCheckpoint simply exposes the default properties of the ActorClassesToRecord variable in Checkpoint_StrategyGame to a config file. The game will save and load any active object of a class listed in this array.