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Beagle and Wasteland Ghost

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Impossible+ difficulty rebalance of Long War with many feature changes.

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Note that this mod is not playable as it is (at least new StrategyAI part), because pods are not configured and DefaultStrategyAIMod.ini contains usage examples only. Think of it as more of a tool to create your own mod than a complete mod you can just install and play.

Changelog: http://mjb.tv/MyBB/showthread.php?tid=335

Disclaimer: this mod is in its early alpha stage and is released 'As Is' for anyone interested to suffer through. Be warned that it can totally break your game, so make sure to backup game packages and user files (such as your personal ini settings and saves).

Mod comes as a collection of smaller mods and has no installer yet, so you have to apply it manually. Each individual part of the mod can be found here as it becomes ready for public release. Make sure you read instructions carefully.

Mod is tested with LW b15e, but it should work with b15f. Bear in mind this page currently hosts many of Escalation's new individual features (Aliens firing during Alien-turn activations for example) but the balance changes made in DGC.ini are still coming.