XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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An armor and a weapon retexture package to be used with texmod.

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This is my attempt to make the soldiers look a bit more like military units. Here is the list of whats done so far.

v.1.2.1 - Some helmet issues should be fixed.
-Kevlar armor set
-Carapace armor set
-Skeleton armor set
-Titan/Archangel armor set
-Ghost armor set
-Deco 1 2 3

-Ballistic weapons
-Laser weapons


FlagsToLogo.tpf- Some more logos to replace flags.
Deco_NoFluff.tpf- Metal deco textures without camo and extra stuff.
Weapon_Ballistic_NoFluff.tpf- Ballistic weapons without camo.
Weapon_Laser_NoFluff.tpf- Laser weapons without light recolor and extra stuff.
Weapon_Laser_Red.tpf- Laser weapons with fluff but original red color.

Start Texmod.exe (included with the pack.)
Click under Target Application, and find your XComGame.exe
Choose Package Mode and with the folder icon in the middle browse for Armor.tpf and Weapon.tpf.
Add any of the optional packs and using the green arrows move them above the main packs. Click Run.

The game will run and the new textures will be applied. Note this method does not change any game files, so you have to run the game through Texmod with the packages selected each time you want to play with this texture pack.

STEAM INSTALL: ((thanks to miked79) and to Xpume) :D
To get the texmod to run a steam game. You must go into ur steam folder and into xcom bin directory. Change the name of the xcomgame.exe to something else.Then drag the Texmod.exe into the xcom directory ( with ur xcomgame.exe) Change the name of the Texmod.exe to Xcomgame Then load up steam and launch Xcom and it should launch Texmod , then point texmods directory to open up the Xcomgame.exe (the one u changed the name of )

I haven't done the GUI icons, And probably won't do them at all, unless I'm done with all else and really bored :D.

Helmets are done, but I still get the texture flickering sometimes, so if you run across something like that, I know, and have no idea what to do about it... Red helmet thing was my fault (id-s replaced), not related to flickering. Sry :/

I have color customization on, no idea what would it look like without it.

There is a TexMod tutorial video here on the nexus, thanks to miked79:

More info on texmod and retexturing here: