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A collection of small interface and gameplay tweaks, like no disappearing corpses, overwatch and hunker down delay, soldier gender and nationality, XP and mobility display, abductions in countries with satellite coverage.

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Use PatcherGUI to install. Note, that for XCOM:EU you have to disable hash check before using any of the mods (you need to do it only once, use "Tools->Disable hash check" option in PatcherGUI).

Please, remember, that you should install EW mods into XEW folder (under XCom-Enemy-Unknown folder) and EU mods into root game folder (XCom-Enemy-Unknown)!

For any mods to work properly, you should move Steam out of Program Files folder!!!
Steam and Mods
Installing Games on Windows Vista+

List of Long War compatible tweaks:
1. Soldier Gender Probability (use EW mod version).
2. Soldier Nationality Probability. As of b14 you can adjust soldiers nationalities via DGC.ini.
3. Adjust Critical Wound Will Penalty. As of b14g you can adjust critical wound will penalty via DGC.ini.
4. No Bullrush (use EW mod version).
5. No Chain Panic (use EW mod version).
6. Display Soldier XP, PsiXP and Mobility in Battle for LW (use special LW mod version).
7. Tone Down Overwatch Sound (use EW mod version).
8. Geoscape Pause on Notifications (use EW mod version).
9. Hunker Down Fine Tune (use special LW mod version).
10. Camera tweaks (separate download, use EW mod version).
Some of the other mods may also be compatible, but only the ones listed here were actually tested with LW and reported working.

Camera tweaks:
Camera tweaks for EU and EW are available as a separate download: "XCOM Camera Tweaks".

Interface tweaks:

1. "No Disappearing Corpses" — prevents corpses from disappearing by setting internal destruction timer to 7200 seconds (vanilla value is 5 seconds).
2. "Hunker Down and Overwatch Delays" — allows to adjust Hunker Down and Overwatch delays. Defaults are set to 0.1 seconds (vanilla values are 1.75 seconds).
3. "Display Soldier XP, PsiXP and Mobility in Barracks and in Battle" — displays soldier XP, PsiXP (for Gifted soldiers only) and Mobility in character card while in barracks, and in soldier info screen (F1) while in battle.
4. "Remove Death Animation Delay" (by Peasly Wellbott) — prevents units from flinching before they die (EW only, EU doesn't have this bug). Converted to PatchUPK format and now is all EW version compatible.
5. "Skip Reveal Cinematic" — skip pod reveal cinematic (doesn't prevent revealed aliens from moving to cover).
6. "Geoscape Pause on Notifications" — pauses Geoscape after notification pop-up. Works with all events like soldier returning to active duty, excavation complete, ship transfer complete, etc.
7. "EW Hologlobe Rotation Fix" by Amineri — re-enables mouse left-click hologlobe rotation (EW only, EU doesn't have this bug).
8. "Hunker Down Fine Tune" (EW only for now) — brings several improvements to Hunker Down action: Hunker Down hotkey (K by default) now works similar to Overwatch hotkey, i.e. immediately performs a Hunker Down action without a need for confirmation; Hunker Down sound is no longer played twice, resulting in weird echo effect; soldier speech for Hunker Down action is now enabled.
9. "Tone Down Overwatch Sound" — makes overwatch sound less irritating by decreasing its volume multiplier.

Soldier customization:
1. "Soldier Gender Probability" — allows to set female gender probability to any value between 0 and 100%.
2. "Soldier Nationality Probability" — allows to adjust soldier nationality probability.
3. "Soldier Class Probability" — allows to adjust soldier class probability, takes into account classes of soldiers already present in barracks and adjusts current probability accordingly. I.e. if you have too much heavies, heavy class probability will temporarily decrease. The mod doesn't change vanilla behavior of always giving 4 different classes first!
4. "No Sleeveless Armor" — makes gene-modded soldiers use regular armor (EW only, EU doesn't have gene-mods). Inspired by "Revenge of the Sleeves" mod (by Peasly Wellbott).

Gameplay effects:
1. "Abductions in countries with satellite coverage" — enables abductions in countries with satellite coverage.
2. "Second Wave Options Unlocked" by Amineri — unlocks all Second Wave options.
3. "AI Improvements" for EU by Amineri — Improves AI behavior (EU only, EW has most of these bugs fixed). Changes:
- Patrol distance reduced from 30-45 meters to 20 meters (a bit less than a dash move).
- Fixed flanked+overwatched=freeze bug (divide-by-zero error).
- Improved overwatch danger zone calculations.
- Improved Last Alien Standing AI behavior.
4. "Perk Trees Editor for EU" — allows to edit perk trees for all classes (including psi). Note, that EW doesn't need this, as perk trees are accessible via DefaultGameCore.ini (see XCOM-HOW-TO).
5. "Adjust Critical Wound Will Penalty" — allows to adjust amount of Will soldier looses when critically wounded (default modified amount is zero).
6. "No Chain Panic" — panicking soldier no longer triggers the panic roll for his teammates.
7. "No Bullrush" — disables Bullrush attack for Berserkers.

Other mods:

See XCOM-HOW-TO wiki article for most commonly asked modifications for XCOM:EU/EW, such as:
- How to disable Startup Movies
- How to put the Arc Thrower in the pistol inventory slot
- How to edit Perk Trees
- How to remove alien Aim and Crit bonuses for Classic and Impossible difficulty
- How to change XP levels
- How to make rockets 100% accurate
- How to disable panicked friendly fire
- How to mod Panic levels and disable continental abduction panic
- How to stop nations from defecting
- How to detect the UFOs that are carrying out abductions and terror missions
- How to increase PSI gift chance
- How to adjust Fast/Slow motion
- And many others...