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wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost

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This mod randomizes aliens placement on maps, thus, increasing replayability: you will no longer know where the aliens are.

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Use PatcherGUI to install.

Note: You might want to try a newer version of this mod: XCOM Randomized.

Random Alien Pods by wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost

Version info:
- Aliens should spawn out of squad and covert operative LOS.
- All pods, including Council missions pods, should patrol randomly.
- Commanders should spawn at random location inside UFO.
- Alien Base commander and Overseer will use their default spawn points.
- EXALT missions will actually have 3-4 pods on maps.
- Does not affect alien waves (EXALT and HQ defense missions).
- Includes optional mods to randomize drop-downs and meld placement.

Known issues:
- Aliens may end up in weird places on some complex terrain (like Battleship),
but they will be warped to nearby valid location in their turn anyway. It happens
mostly with Cyberdiscs (and they still warp around in vanilla too).
- Aliens still tend to cluster near VanDorn on corresponding Council rescue mission.
This map is just too small and narrow.
- Map loading time may increase.

Alien Squad Size Randomized for Random Alien Pods mod

Randomizes number of alien pods per mission and number of aliens per pod.

Includes larger pods mod with following parameters: pod size 4 since August and pod size
5 since October. You can tweak pod progress via LargerPodsProgsTweaker.txt.

You can expect 4-5 pods max for Abduction and Council missions and up to 6 pods for Terror
missions. Small Scout can have up to 4 pods (+1 commander pod), Large - up to 5 (+1 commander
pod), Abductor - up to 6 (+ commander), Supply Ship - up to 8 (+ commander), Battleship -
up to 11 (+ commander). EXALT missions will have 4-5 pods and EXALT Base - 5-6 pods. Alien
Base will have up to 11 pods (+ commander).

Maps Reused

With random pods almost all maps can be used for all abduction/terror missions. Actually, even XCOM HQ multiplayer map can be used for abductions, but there is a little logic in it, so I haven't added this particular entry. Some terror maps are disabled by default, but you can enable whichever you like (see readme inside the archive on how to do this).

EU variant of "Maps Reused" enables first tutorial mission for abductions/terror. Works fine, only problem is, it doesn't have evac zone.

Similar map mod: XCOM EW Map pack by guciomir.