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Change default camera zoom level, min and max zoom, free aiming zoom, rocket aiming zoom and yaw angle.

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All the camera mods here are compatible with Long War mod.

Update: added "Enable Camera Pitch" mod.
Update: added more user-friendly Zoom and Yaw mods.
Update: added "QE Free Rotation" mod for EU and EW.

Use latest PatcherGUI to install.

I'm playing on 4x3 monitor and find default zoom level too close. Zoom level can be adjusted, sure, but camera auto-zooms to default each time I click on next soldier or something "important" happens on the screen. So ultimate solution is to change default zoom value.

There are 4 mods in downloads section:
1. Camera Zoom Levels: set default camera zoom level, min and max zoom, free aiming zoom, rocket aiming zoom
2. Camera Yaw Angle: set default camera yaw angle
3. QE Free Rotation: enable camera free rotation while holding Q or E key. Use "Camera Yaw Angle" mod to set smaller yaw angle (about 10 degrees is enough). This change was originally implemented by bokauk, I've just re-implemented it for never EU and EW versions.
4. Enable Camera Pitch: Enables camera pitch with PitchCamera console command. Vanilla PitchCamera code is not working. This mod re-writes original code with the modified one from ToolBoks by bokauk. Original bokauk's code was converted to PatchUPK pseudo-code to make it game version independent.

You can bind PitchCamera command to keys by editing DefaultInput.ini file:
- Navigate to [XComGame.XComTacticalInput] section
- Add two lines:
.Bindings=(Name="LeftBracket", Command="PitchCamera 10")
.Bindings=(Name="RightBracket", Command="PitchCamera -10")

This will bind pitch commands to '[' and ']' keys.

Note for AZERTY keyboards by pat_sch:
.Bindings=(Name="LeftBracket", Command="YawCamera 5")
.Bindings=(Name="Equals", Command="YawCamera -5")

will give you keys ")" and "=" on AZERTY keyboards (the two keys following "9" and "0" on central part of keyboard), with the same rotation sense as "A" ("Q" on QWERTY) and "E". So: LeftBracket is to leave as it is, RightBracket should become Equals, to obtain rotation by ")" and "=".

See Keybind Commands wiki article on how to locate and edit DefaultInput.ini file.