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cheat menu for X4

Permissions and credits
stop scan mode activates quick menu
stop long scan mode activates menu

The previous 0.9763 version uploaded another MOD because of my mistake. Please download a few friends to download again.
I'm terribly sorry.

Russian (Thanks deeperman, for for providing Russian)
Simplified Chinese

0.9763 upgrade:
1. Instantaneous stop repair
2. The player's ship (non-maneuvering) can use instantaneous series of functions.
3. Adding blueprints to supplement turrets and shields
4. modify ship, choosing the disposable objects can correctly execute deletion and change faction.
5. Increase Italian

0.9761 upgrade:
1. Add four instructions to the default command menu
Instant arrival
Instant reach
Instant docking
Recovery of drones
2. Adding JUMP to transfer selected objects to navigation points (JUMP-3)
3. Increase instantaneous arrival and docking set (including instantaneous departure) under JUMP (JUMP-4\5)
The arrival, berthing and departure of our own spacecraft on the map can be completed instantaneously.
4. Increasing player-controlled instantaneous berthing of spacecraft under JUMP (JUMP-2)
5. Adding Map Selection to Spacecraft and Space Station (It can be operated remotely through navigation points)
Reminder: Instantaneous arrival of a series of functions will pick up the UAV, with the subordinate spacecraft together with the transient.

V0.971 upgrade:
1. Create ship menu (you can set the owner, personnel, star, birth place)
2. You can create ship at a navigation point (you can create xenon on someone else's station)
3. Addition of warehousing details adjustment for selected station
4. The way to adjust the amount of cargo input when adding cargo to spacecraft and space station is now the percentage of the specified total amount, not the amount added.
5. Station Supplementary Consumption of UAVs and Ammunition
6. Players can add specified items to their inventory
7. If you want to acquire technology, you must first develop any technology. (Prevent BUG from occurring in tasks.)
8. Add Russian menu

V0.96 upgrade:
1. Invincible set can be closed
2. Delete Selected Ship
3. Delete Selected Station (Uncertainty will lead to mission problems)
4. Set station faction (Uncertainty will lead to mission problems)
5. Creating  ship can choose whether to generate five-star crew or not.
6. Modify the BUG that will jump out of the Scanning Teladi Trading Station
7. Adding spacesuit equipment
8. Perfect Encyclopedia

After activation in the settings, in the map menu, set the navigation point, then jump.

2、add ship
Xenon I Unable to generate

3、modify ship
Modify ammo
Delete Selected Ship
Crew level
Set cargo
Set faction (only in Selected,you can set Selected faction. )

4、modify station
Crew level
Delete Selected Station
Add building resource
Set cargo
Add workforce and manager
Set station faction (only in Selected,you can set Selected faction. )

5、modify player
Add money
Modify faction
Add inventory
Spacesuit equipment
Add blueprints
Add research
Add encyclopedia

6、Global set
reveal map
scan all stations
Chain scan(If you think scan all is excessively, you can use this.Scan one station)

7、quick menu
quick Invincible for player.ship
quick set the target as a player faction
quick summoning subordinates

how to use:
Unzip the file and place the "slan_cheat" folder in the directory "X4 Foundations\extensions\".
If the "extensions" directory does not exist, create it yourself.

Known problems:
1、Some systems (such as win7) will not be able to start the game with this MOD.
Solve:Please try to move the extensions directory to \my document\Egosoft\X4\xxxxxxxx\
2、Some people won't be able to load the font library
Solve:I can't help it.