X4: Foundations
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About this mod

Adds several new weapons to the game. All weapons are balanced around the "vanilla" combat and are made to fit well within the basegame.

Permissions and credits
WVE adds several new turrets & weapons to your game.
Some are specific to certain races, others are available to all factions. All new items require adequate licences to be bought.
The mod is balanced around vanilla gameplay values and therefore it is incompatible with any mod that changes the combat.
The mod may be expanded upon in the future.

VRO Version:
There is a VRO patch available thanks to EagleDelta, you may find it here.
Keep in mind that it still requires the main mod in order to function!

  • Plasma Turret [L]
  • Proton Turret [L]
  • Autocannon Turret [M]
  • Railgun Turret [L]
  • Thermal Turret [M]
  • Autocannon Turret [M]
  • Rattlesnake Plasma Barrage Main Battery [L]
  • Railgun Turret [L]
  • Autocannon Turret [M]
  • Phoenix Muon Main Battery [L]
  • Proton Barrage [M]
  • Proton Turret [L]
  • Autocannon Turret [M]
  • Proton Barrage [M]
  • Odysseus Railgun Main Battery [L]
  • Autocannon Turret [M]
  • Proton Barrage [M]
  • Behemoth Proton Pulse Cannon Main Battery [L]
Codex entries for each item exist in english and german translation.

Why only vanilla effects/sounds/models?
Because i haven't looked into creating custom effects/sounds. I may do so in the future, but it is rather unlikely as i'm busy with stuff.

Can you add X?
Suggest it, if i like it - i may.