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SVE adds multiple new ships to all factions. The ships are made with the vanilla artstyle in mind and are used by AI factions or can be found as derelicts.

Permissions and credits
SVE started as a project to add battleships to other factions than the Xenon by using the existing supplyship models.
I later decided to make some more variations by kitbashing and editing the models of other ships.
All ships are added to shipyards of their respective factions and require permits depending on their classification in order to be bought.
Some of the vessels have different variants available.
All ships support paintjobs.

The ships should be spawned instantly in a new game and the AI will also build them over time in existing saves.
All ships require adequate licences to obtain or can be captured from the various AI factions while going about their business. A few models can also be found as derelicts in various sectors.

  • Centaur Mk2 - Battleship [XL]
  • Griffon - Battleship [XL]
  • Tartarus - Battleship [XL]
  • Gharial - Battleship [XL]
  • Gharial Mk1 - Battleship [XL]
  • Fulmar - Battleship [XL]
  • Caiman - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Kea - Heavy Gunship [M]
  • Scorpion - Light Gunship [M]
  • Baku - Blockaderunner [M]
  • Manticore - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Manticore Raider - Plunderer [L]
  • Basilisk - Heavy Destroyer [L]
  • Taipan - Heavy Corvette [L]
  • Hatram - Heavy Freighter [XL]
  • Hatram (Minerals) - Heavy Miner [XL]
  • Skua - Interceptor [S]
  • R - Destroyer [XL]
  • Pallas - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Razorbill - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Razorbill Raider - Plunderer [L]
  • Sokotra - Freigther [XL]
  • Sokotra Raider - Plunderer [XL]
  • Python - Battleship [L]
  • Viper - Missile Destroyer [L]
  • Skiron - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Paracel - Heavy Corvette [L]
  • Paracel Raider - Plunderer [L]
  • Minotaur Universal - Blockaderunner [M]
  • V - Heavy Frigate [XL]
  • Kojin - Scout [S]
  • Susanowa - Blockaderunner [M]
  • Scimitar - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Duala XL - Heavy Freighter [XL]
  • Paramerion - Fighter [S]
  • Valkyrie - Battleship [XL]
  • Bishamonten - Destroyer [L]
  • Akurei - Heavy Fighter [S]
  • Akuma - Heavy Fighter [S]
  • Fenrir - Destroyer [L]
  • Drake - Destroyer [L]
  • Mandalay - Heavy Frigate [L]
  • Claymore - Heavy Gunship [L]
Codex entries exist for each ship in english and german translation.

VRO Version & Community Patches:

There is a VRO conversion currently available on the Nexus and on the Steam workshop. It is made and maintained by EagleDelta.
The Realspace Engines Mod by Eucharion supports SVE.
The SVE Aesthetic Purist Patch by runekn makes changes to make the mod suit better with vanilla content.
The SVE VRO Trimmed Patch by EagleDelta was inspired by the Aesthetic Purist Patch and comes with a few different touches.

Thanks to Brummbear for providing a guide on how to mod ships.
Shoutout to DeadAir, Z1p and Aurum for helping me with various things and answering questions, as well as to EagleDelta for the continious VRO version.
A big thanks goes to KrYcHokE for letting me use some of his models. Make sure to check out his work!
Thanks to user2046 for helping with locating and fixing some incompatibilities with other mods!