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Allows the player to disassemble his ships for 75 - 95% of all the original resources of the ship (including full equipment), gain an increasing chance for blueprints and to recycle or sell his own unwanted stations for 50% - 75% of their value.

Permissions and credits
Last updated or tested for game versions: 4.0; 4.0 + dlcs

Version 0.5.5 is a small update that adjusts blueprints, which reached 100% to be unlocked, even if the maximum amount of unlocked blueprints for a ship's recycle session was already reached. As an example, if the blueprint chance is increased to 100% in the config file, then all blueprints will be unlocked for the ship, instead of just enough to reach the ship size specific limit for the recycle task.

Version 0.5.4 is just a little compatibility update to allow adding additional factions for station sales in the config file (star wars interworlds faction already included) and gives terran factions access to the recycle module. Check out the full changelog above.

Supports the optional Extended Conversation Menu, which allows all mods using it to join their starting conversations in a browsable section, so technically infinite mods can be added by only taking up 1 conversation slot for any npc. Not required. (Feel free to add support for your own mods)

Recycle Ships

You're able to disassemble ships at ur own shipyards, wharfs (and non-shipyard stations equipped with the recycle module now), or sell them to npc shipyards for disassembly, meaning they will reuse the gained resources at their yard/wharf! The shipyard/warf/station with the recycle module will gain 75% + up to 20% (depending on manager skill to a total of 95%) of the original ship resources back including all components and equipment the ship is equipped with. (Full list of things included below)
You also have an increasing chance to gain blueprints for all disassembled ships or equipment (only at ur own yards/wharfs!), which increases with every recycled component or equipment piece.

The recycle module was added with v0.4 and allows the player to start out as a scrapper for parts, disassembling ships into any station storage with the module installed. It's not needed and not recommended for shipyards or wharfs tho! This also allows the player to get his hands on blueprints early, without the need to own a shipyard. The module blueprint can be bought from most faction's representatives. 
One important difference for the recycle module: All wares are added to the storage! While disassembling ships at yards/warfs will only add wares the stations actually need, stations having the recycle module installed will add every ware gained as a trade ware, but without sell or buy orders (automatically created sell orders for recycled wares can be enabled in the new config file to have  an already set up warehouse behavior for just selling gained goods from dismanteling).

The option recycle ships is available when talking to a yards/wharfs manager or ship trader. The menu also contains options to print more information about currently disassembling ships or ongoing research and it's current chance into the logbook. Informationlists requested by the player are logged to TIPS, while details about disassembled ships are logged to UPKEEP upon disassembly. To sell a ship for disassembly either dock the ship and talk to the station manager/ship trader or contact the pilot of the ship via comms to sell ships from a distance.

The amount of ships that can be disassembled at a time is limited by the visible docking slots a station has for each class and the time it takes to complete the process. (S/M/L/XL require 10/20/45/60 minutes, respectively)
Chances to gain a blueprint upon shipdisassembly start low and increase with each component. The detailed percentage increase is being shown in the logbook details, a few examples woule be: missiles 1%, mines 2%, turrets 4%, s ships 5%, engines 7%, l ships 10%...

All of a ship's items turned into their original resources include: 
- shiphull (also ships added by mods, as long as they have a ware providing a blueprint - meaning u could get blueprints of probably unique ships?)
- components like weapons, turrets, engines, shields
- units like cargo-, defence-, ore collector drones
- deployables like mines, satellites, resource probes
- ammunition like missiles and flares
- shipcargo (note, the cargo will only be added if it containes wares the station needs)
* If a base resource is listed in the disassemble notification with the amount 0, then the station's cargo for that resource is full and it couldn't be added.

Recycle Stations

Allows the player to recycle or sell his own unwanted stations for 50%-75% of their value in credits by talking to the manager OVER THE COMM and selecting "Get rid of this station". Selling stations can get you up to 25% bonus on top of the base 50% for just recycling, depending on how good ur relation towards the chosen faction is. 
Selling stations to factions can also be a great way to support a faction in need, if you don't want to interfere with force.

To talk to your manager via comm check the station information, navigate to the crew tab and right click the manager to select "Comm".
People destroying a station they're currently docked at will still die (who am i to take away free choice :p ), but now they can do it with more pretty visuals as stations now explode with style before disappearing. 
A logbook entry shows the transaction under "upkeep".

Following settings can be adjusted in the configuration file, which can be found here (recycleshipsandstations\md\recycleshipsandstationsconfiguration.xml):
- recycleFactor (default: 75%) - The manager level can add up to 25% more, keep this in mind when adjusting
- blueprintResearchBonusPercentage (default: 0) - Increases the default Blueprint research progress percentage by the chosen amount
- automaticSellOrders (default: false) - Wares added with the recycle module installed already have sell orders set up when this option is enabled
- recycleDuration for all shipsizes - Allows to adjust the recycle durations for all ship classes, defaults are described above
- unlockRecycleModuleBlueprint (default: false) - Whether the blueprint for the recycle module should be unlocked from gamestart/save load or not
- factionsToSupport - Allows to add station-sale support for more factions that aren't available at default or are added by other mods 

- supports immersive corporations

Adding localization support - LeLeon
Russian localization - alexalsp
German localization - LeLeon
French localization - darkvador83
Thank you guys!

Download the file, extract the recycleshipsorstations folder and move it to your extensions folder.
In case you don't have one yet, simply create it at the base directory of X4, so for a steam user it would be: Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

Simply remove the folder, no current savegame issues.