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The CrystalFinder supports the pilot in an optical way to find crystals.

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The CrystalFinder supports the pilot in an optical way to find crystals.


Adds glow around crystals, so you can find them more easily, the color is the same as the crystal itself. You don't need to search for sparkles anymore, you can just fly around and harvest the crystals.


Multiple mods which change the crystals shouldn't be used together, the exception is if the mod creator has tested his mod with my mod. Mods that change other aspects of the game are safe.


Just paste the "CrystalFinder" folder to the "extensions" folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions). Make sure the mod is activated in the main menu of X4.


Delete the "CrystalFinder" folder


Version 1.10
  • Fixed: Some missing language strings that caused to crash the game or didn't load the mod properly.
  • Fixed: Reduced the size of the sparkle texture.

Version 1.20
  • Refactored: Cleaned up the whole project to optimize the compatibility.
  • Updated: Adjusted the colors of the crystals to enhance the optical look.
  • Updated: Some asked for a version where the crystals are more visible, so I added it, you don't need the main file for this.

Version 1.30
  • Fixed: The mod didn't load properly on linux (thanks to ihatethenexus69).
  • Updated: Added a version with red burnite (normal and increased visibility), instead of white.

*The spawn rate of the crystals was nerfed into oblivion, what can I do?

DjVayer99 has created a mod to change the spawnrate (including the old pre 3.0 rarity) of the crystals, you can find his mod here: